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~ Animals, Anxiety and Awareness ~

Pictures can speak a thousand words.  My life consists of the beautiful joy that is animals and nature. Young me would be glad to know that everywhere I look, there is a precious creature of my own, staring back at me. 
To most of us, our animals and pets are so much more than just creatures we have around us day to day. They're instead cherished family members and  life long friends. 
This is why I am so fascinated by Animal Assisted Therapy. The power they have subconsciously to support us is so special and overwhelming at moments. Confidence to walk along the street can bloom by simply having a dog beside you. A cat who leaves a heavy weight at the end of your bed, can be so comforting on a restless night of worries. Horses are intuitive enough to sense our heartbeat. They know if we're relaxed and calm or not.
Do we speak to our animals as if they are people because we know, somehow, some way, that they do understand? They read us often better than we do ourselves. I don…

Beautiful things

I like to try and fill each corner of my life with something inspiring, hopeful and encouraging. That way, if worries turn up, life hits a steep hill to climb, or there is simply a bump in the road, I know I can look to something special in any direction and find comfort and courage staring back at me.
I am no stranger to hardship, yet I have often come across people who assume that because I wear a smile a lot, I am unaware of life's worries and pain and have thus been untouched by it's struggles. 
What is not acknowledged in those sad moments of judgement is that, I choose to see the light and not the dark, but that does not mean I am naive to it's presence. 
It's never easy to lift your thoughts up high, I am human and sometimes overwhelming times do creep up, and force me to work that bit harder to wear those sunlit spectacles. But, I can say, that in trusting the good and helpful emotions that run through each of us, many wonderful and beautiful things have come …

Living slowly ~

Amongst the wild flowers on an evening in the meadow. All is calm. All is still. 
Slow is the only way here. Living slowly,  mindfully and peacefully. 
Notice the birds songs and the occasional butterfly which lands by your side. 
Listen to the breeze gently tugging at the tree leaves. A pony swishes it's tail. Stamps a hoof and sighs.
Before long, the Robin appears in his cheerful way, watching you curiously with his turned head and tiny brown eyes. 
It's a simple life. A quiet life. It's a life I've tried for many years to make my reality.  Now it's here,  I am going to hang on to it with all my might. 

~ With love ~  Don't forget your dream, take care of it. 

Adventuring ~ Chapter 8 ~ August

~ Five thoughts for August ~
1. A new fresh and updated blog look for new adventures is always exciting!
2. I never thought I'd reach the moment where I could actually start my own business - remember slow and steady does it and have courage! 
3. Always make time for the things that make you come alive inside, even if it's a simple quiet moment with a coffee in cold hands.
4. It doesn't matter if you're a bit different from everyone else. Only you can walk your path in the way that's right for you. 
5. It's definitely not about waiting for the storm to pass - it's definitely about learning to dance in the rain - even if it is August turned Autumn! 

~ With love  ~