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Hope and Honeysuckle ~

It's nearly the end of two blogs have been out in the big wide world for 6 months now and they've become just as I'd hoped! A happy hobby to delve into my love of writing and a place where all the things that mean something special to me can be shared.
I started writing my blog at a time of great uncertainty. I had to press pause for a while on my self and my life in order to do some emotional healing after a heavy struggle with clinical anxiety. 
Although I am not entirely free from the struggle, writing has been such a positive part of getting well and continues to encourage me forwards each day. 
Thank you to the kind souls who have left such lovely comments on my blogs so far and to the people who have taken the time to press the Follow button. 
Thank you to those who simply stop by just to read my snippets of bits and bobs too. 
I hope that whoever reads this will always take care of their emotional well being and trust that a lot of good can come from ste…

Feelings run deep ...


'Time spent with those we love is never wasted' Author Unknown

Enjoy your weekend

One day at a time

With Love *

The moments in between ...

Simple days. Filled with simple things that make you feel centered and home....Monday moments.

A little Self care note!

 Self Care with a Feminine Touch *
* Tea Tree Essential Oil - for healthy glowing skin
* Argan Oil - For luscious, soft and damage free hair
* Evening Primrose Oil capsules - For balanced hormones!

I have not yet mastered the art of a perfect Self care routine - but with a few little things to help the process it can mean that spending time taking care of yourself becomes an important part of your daily activities - that you look forward to!
The three products above that I have listed, aid the areas I think us women consider to be the most important!
Healthy, good skin Healthy, manageable hair Healthy, calm and balanced emotions
The three natural oils Tea tree, Argan, and Evening primrose have certainly given my skin, hair and emotions a positive embrace just recently - especially as I find myself in need of some extra TLC with regard to my physical well being at present. I blame a nasty virus that has taken hold! 
So...if you find your skin, hair and emotions are in need of a little &…

Pinterest & pony love

Midweek inspiration with a little help from pinterest and ponies 


Rainy day reflection

Author Unknown ~
 But ... they must have known that in the saddle on the back of your horse, well, it truly is the best place to think.
With so much sadness and tragedy happening around the world, sometimes just taking a quiet moment seems the only way to process everything.
When you have the company of a horse, your silent partner in his steady way, offers that calm reflection you need to just 'be'. With each step he takes, as his hooves stamp the ground beneath you, all feelings of being overwhelmed are softly eased. 
 To keep our sense of control in such an unpredictable world, it seems all that can be done is to take each day at a time. Aim to do our best with as much kindness and care as we can. Then, try not to worry about the future.
Take care of the moment you are in - and then just maybe everything will fall into place and seem a little more manageable, and a little less scary.

With Love

Walking on sunshine

Sadly this beautiful summer sunshine and heat does not agree so well with me. Almost every year I suffer heat exhaustion despite my best efforts to avoid it. When you live a country life it's so easy to over do it in the glorious weather. Thankfully my loving family and treasured friends have offered a caring hand to tend to my animals ... and the pictures they have captured make me feel as though I am back 'walking on sunshine' with them.
    With love - do take care in the summer warmth ...

The book that captured my heart

On a beautiful summery Sunday evening, the world outside my window is a light with the setting sun highlighting the golden fields in the horizon.
It feels peaceful. And all is still.
It is from this sense of calm that I felt it would be a perfect time to share such a special book here upon my blog.
This book is ...
The Soul Bird  By Michal Snunit 

 Whatever you may be struggling with in your life. Be it a little problem, or something hard to bare...The Soul Bird will clear your mind and offer you such thought provoking insight into your thoughts, feelings and emotions - that it's simple words, uplifting images and wise message will be sure to bring you comfort and greater understanding of yourself, as soon as you begin the first page.

It does not take long to read. The text is simple. But the meaning and message behind this little 'Soul Bird' is truly inspirational. 
I hope you get a chance to discover what a special book it is.  It's definitely a story that cap…

Finding Calm in Fields of Gold ~

~ Mindfulness With Horses ~   Country life, emotional well being and healing with horses

With Love 

Wildflowers and summer rain

When you have a life with horses, your day begins in the countryside and ends there too. Devotedly each morning you greet the sunrise and make your way up to the field for the giving of breakfasts. In summer time, the evenings grow lighter and afternoon visits longer, as you make your way back to the field to find expectant faces looking out for dinner and a gentle head scratch. 
This morning and evening connection to nature is something I always cherish and find so settling and steadying amongst every day life. 
A little place of tranquility, where every season I can witness the land come alive with colour and beauty. Slowly then, the breeze cools, and hibernation once more begins for the winter months. 
The meadow is a soft blanket of wild flowers just now. The blossoms are delicately engulfing the tree branches with their pastel petals. Overhead the birds chorus is strong and musical. Life is stirring.
If you can, wherever you may be - do try to find nature or some countryside and…