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whatever you're facing ...


Even if you can't imagine you're ever going to find your way out. Even when you're drowning in your doubt. Just look beyond the clouds. 
Lift up your eyes and see...
The sun is rising 
Britt Nicole 
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With love for your weekend  xxx

Fear and me

We all know what it feels like to be afraid. Fear is such an overpowering emotion which has a great influence on how we live our lives, make choices and decisions and even how we communicate and conduct ourselves with others!
It is designed to keep us out of harms way...but sometimes this self protection mode goes into overdrive and blurs the lines of real danger versus imagined danger. Our minds can get so stuck at moments that we can lose ourselves in the immense fears whirling around our minds, until our world becomes very small.

Smaller world....less to hurt us or our loved ones!

A couple of days ago...I thought everything in my little comfort zone, my small world -  was safe. My numerous double checks were complete, my prayers said...all was well.
And then, out of the blue, one of my worst fears happened. My world crumbled inwards. I lost someone very, very special to me. And all of my fears became so suddenly my reality. I could not and was not prepared. But amazingly, I g…

Daydreams and beautiful things x

Daydreaming can create a wonderful opportunity for 'Mindful Escapism' during the day when your spirits may feel a little low.

Retreating to a place in your mind where you are envisaging living out those quiet ideals you hold so dear, can actually be a real energy boost, and often it can highlight what is lacking in life, and what matters the most to you. Most poignantly, it can indicate very succinctly what we must change to get where we want to be. 
Although I think that happiness is a state of mind, I also agree that there are external things which can greatly prevent us from feeling happy and true to ourselves. It works both ways.

So ...
if low spirits are chipping away at your confidence and self belief -  find just a few moments to yourself...and let your imagination guide you. Let it gently take you by the hand, and pull you into the mindful world of daydreaming. You will probably unearth some feelings and thoughts that transport you to a place where you are happy, sa…

Life ...


There is no love quite like that which is shared between a girl and her horse

Good night my angel

This time yesterday, your head lay in my lap, your eyes glazed with fear and pain, and softly that pain was taken away and I held you for as long as time would allow. 
My beautiful girl - what will I do without you. 
Good Night My Angel. I cannot believe I can no longer wrap my arms around you neck and whisper into your golden mane. All I know right that you will never leave my heart. 
Bridie  1991 -  21st/4/2016

There you'll be

Finding your special place

This evening I am surrounded by the munching of soft noses tucking into hay heaps, upon the paddocks sprouting grass-covered ground.

After a day of worry sitting heavily on my shoulders, to come down to the meadow with my beautiful herd of ponies happily awaiting my arrival...there is simply nothing quite like it.
This is our second year here.  And it feels as though it was meant for us somehow. Tucked away overlooking the river, it's a small place of peace in a frantic world...and having the time to enjoy it is the best feeling to over ride any anxieties from the day.

I best go as I have been nudged into treat giving by three expectant faces.

I hope you can find a place of peace wherever you may be ....

With love Xx

Ease the Sunday eve blues

Create a life you love. One that you don't need a holiday from. A life that matters to you and makes you happy....
It is true when they say ' life isn't a rehearsal '
But even a live show can pull the curtain down and re set, before beginning again.

Your path awaits...

Sunny Spring Evenings

Meadow life  *

lavenders blue ...

The beautiful lavender bluebells of spring in the woodland. All that can be heard is the afternoon bird chorus, as the sunlight slips through the tree branches. There is magic here. I can feel it. And looking around at the ramblers, dog walkers and horse riders, I think they feel it too.

'Where ever you go...go with all your heart'
Author unknown

Live Simply and hold on to what matters

My little blogging space here has experienced it's second make over. It feels more me now somehow? It guess it takes a while when you're learning the ropes to have the courage to put your stamp on something.
~ Live Simply ~  the motto for the day
Writing every day, even if it is just for myself, is proving to be the best chance I have taken in such a long while. 
I am so glad I was able to 'Keep Calm and Start Writing' and reach out to something that encourages me in so many ways.
It doesn't matter where it goes, I am just enjoying the journey.
With Love 

Look up Xx

* * *

Finding your voice ...

Learn to be brave and having the courage to speak up  - all with the help of horses -

My writing companion

It's amazing how animals know when you may need the comfort of their presence beside you. I wonder if they seek us out, when they need comfort or simply our company too? I think so very much...having a life with animals is a special one.

Her name is Angel

Spring time photo diary of a country girl ~

Just little snippets of my country life down at the Meadow,  by the river where my ponies reside.

It's our second year here. And it has become home.

* Norman & Beatrix 
The meadow Ducks  - now pets it seems! 

Dry Welly boots in spring time!

My little Horses soft ears 

Our black beauty

My meadow

Down in the water meadow
Carrots please!

My beautiful old girl

Horses leave hoof prints on your heart 
It's a little daunting to share who you are ... but I realised it's a lovely way to document my life's loves and joys, thoughts and musings, ideas and dreams. No need to be scared about that.
: ) 

Learning to let go ...

Letting go is never an easy process ... yet there are moments in our lives when we have to simply breathe, accept and let go. And then we must wait. We must hang on tight and wait for the rain to stop, the clouds to pass and soon, sometime very soon, the sun will come out once more.

Letting go comes in many shapes and forms, but the letting go that I am sharing here, is an emotional releasing ... an emotional switch and a letting go infused with acceptance and relief.
You see, I am having to let go of the ideal that I am okay, when deep down, I do not feel okay.  I will be....but just now I am truly not. I guess it's called living with a worrisome mind and an anxious heart.
I realised though, that I seem to have forgotten that I should be surrendering to rest, calming activities and 'easy does it' moments just now ... 
But our harshest critics seem to be ourselves and we fight for control so as to silence the voice that says 'why aren't you doing that'  ... 'y…

Happiness/Unhappiness ?

'It's not about waiting for the storm to pass. 
It's about learning to dance in the rain.'   Author Unknown

I often wonder to myself why it is that people express to each other so easily, how stressed and tired they are, as if it's a competition of unhappiness. Yet people so readily neglect to speak up about all the good things, and positive moments experienced - as if positivity and happiness are unrealistic, and negativity and unhappiness are simply 'just life ... ' 
These are just quiet musings of mine - but I am trying to speak up more and the keyboard called me to type I thought I would!
I wonder you see, why people work so tirelessly, losing their sparkle and their dreams all to reach the goal of living freely when retired? It fills me with sadness when I hear countless stories of people working so hardto acquire, achieve, get - and yet when the time arrives to enjoy it,  their bodies, hearts and soul are worn down and out and there is nothing…

Just Because ...

~ Being Together ~

Spring riding days ~

Spring Evening photo shoot on Horse back ... 

Thoughtful friday in the meadow ~

' Stories do not always end where their authors intended,  but there is joy in following wherever they take us.'   'Miss Potter'


I chose this quote and imagery today....because in the meadow amongst my ponies, I suddenly noticed a wonderful collection of wildlife had decided to take up residence with us. 
A duck family wandered from corner to corner of the far reaching meadow, pecking at the grass and waddling beside one another, chattering with musical quacks as they walked.
 A couple of pheasants aimlessly scattered themselves by the fallen trees. Rabbits hopped upon the paddock banks, in a safe and peaceful world of their own. In the trees, the robin family sang,  filling the morning sky with a colourful chorus to match the beautiful, sunlit clouds. And the heron looked on from his poised position, upon the river bridge. 
In that moment, I felt just like Beatrix Potter! - surrounded by all these dear creatures, making their homes in my pony's meadow, as Spring welc…

Things feel better after a nap ~