Daydreams and beautiful things x


Daydreaming can create a wonderful opportunity for 'Mindful Escapism' during the day when your spirits may feel a little low.

Retreating to a place in your mind where you are envisaging living out those quiet ideals you hold so dear, can actually be a real energy boost, and often it can highlight what is lacking in life, and what matters the most to you. Most poignantly, it can indicate very succinctly what we must change to get where we want to be. 

Although I think that happiness is a state of mind, I also agree that there are external things which can greatly prevent us from feeling happy and true to ourselves. It works both ways.

So ...

if low spirits are chipping away at your confidence and self belief -  find just a few moments to yourself...and let your imagination guide you. Let it gently take you by the hand, and pull you into the mindful world of daydreaming. You will probably unearth some feelings and thoughts that transport you to a place where you are happy, safe and content, where things are going well and just for a short time, nothing can cause you any trouble.

Retreat here whenever you need, and allow it to be the place you visit for reflection, peace and advice. Your little escape will help you to reconnect with your goals and hopeful achievements...and may offer you a few clues of just how to get where you want to be. Enjoy the journey into your imagination.

Ps. I wrote this the day my beautiful pony was taken from me. Yet...its sentiment is as true now as it was when I typed thinking all was well in my world. 

I shall dive into my imagination and I know I shall see that my girl is still with me. I just have to close my eyes and enter my thoughts...and there she is... alive within our treasured memories together.


With love


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