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Lovely to meet you . . .

My story

Just recently I had some lovely comments from some very kind people, and it left me thinking should I share a little bit more about myself on these little blog pages of mine? So if anyone does decide they want to flick through my thoughts and adventures - they can at least get to know the girl behind the blog a little better! 
I've touched on a few things as I've typed away these last 8 months - Golly how time flies! - but only just scratching the surface. So, maybe a little more calm and a little more writing on the matter of who I am, is called for here!

Here is a little of my story so far . . . 
When I started to blog and write ~
In the recent, wonderful adaptation of 'Cinderella' - beautiful Lily James steps out of the carriage and is overwhelmed by the radiant castle before her. 'I am only a girl...not a princess,' she whispers to her enchanted carriage footman. The thought of actually pursuing her dream is quite terrifying at that moment when opportunit…

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