Lovely to meet you . . .

My story

Just recently I had some lovely comments from some very kind people, and it left me thinking should I share a little bit more about myself on these little blog pages of mine? So if anyone does decide they want to flick through my thoughts and adventures - they can at least get to know the girl behind the blog a little better! 
I've touched on a few things as I've typed away these last 8 months - Golly how time flies! - but only just scratching the surface. So, maybe a little more calm and a little more writing on the matter of who I am, is called for here!

Here is a little of my story so far . . . 
When I started to blog and write ~
In the recent, wonderful adaptation of 'Cinderella' - beautiful Lily James steps out of the carriage and is overwhelmed by the radiant castle before her. 'I am only a girl...not a princess,' she whispers to her enchanted carriage footman. The thought of actually pursuing her dream is quite terrifying at that moment when opportu…

Self Care Quotes to love and live by

' Don' feel guilty . . . Feel blessed' 
When we make time for a little rest and recuperation for ourselves, or find we have an unexpected window of free time in our day, I'm sure many would agree that those niggles of guilt at pleasing 'just us' set in . . . Often spoiling the moment! 
Yet what if instead of feeling internally bad about a welcome break, we just felt gratitude. What if we count it as a blessing rather than something we don't feel we deserve . . . 
If something is going to serve us well, it should always be cherished and made a priority. 

' Make peace your highest goal and organise your life around it '
This is a real mind set boost, don't you think? I quietly wonder to myself why people allow their life to build up into one big hectic schedule, which in turn begins to chip away at our inner peace and general enjoyment of life.
 We've all experienced this at some point. Sometimes we feel powerless to stop it. Sadly the resu…

Life notes in December ~ chapter 12 ~

Happiness is staying grounded while reaching for the stars . . . Happy December  ❤
11 months of mini goals and little victories from someone who carries around a lot of self doubt and worry . . . 
I know that you can reach your stars too. Because two years ago, I never thought I would, and didn't believe I could. But now, I truly have managed to . . . 

* I've kept my two blogs going
* Started my little business venture with my horses 
* Worked on two home study courses - still going strong! 
* Cared for my ponies and animals each day and night 
* Sought proffesional help for my anxiety disorder 
* played wonderful games with my nephew
* adopted a feral cat and given him a loving life long home
* spoken up more about my internal struggles with clinical anxiety and ocd. 
* met some lovely new people 
* found my favourite way of working with my ponies 
* given myself a chance to design the life I love . . .
One more goal for December, and I think all I want that to be is . . . T…

A country girls life lately

A little down time . . . 

Just recently my little blog here has been ever so slightly neglected. I've checked in when I can, and it's just as I left it, but just as life slows up in the winter months with the drawing in of darkness, my time to write has been very much the same . . .
Life in the meadow with horses is full on. Riding eases up but care increases. Jobs become a little more physical with muddy boots weighing you down and the cold mornings and evenings use up your energy before you've even begun. But it's a wonderful time. And I adore every moment of it. Mainly because it is the one thing which I have, that is entirely my own. I take care of it, manage, plan and live it day in, day out. My own rural escape and I hold the key to the gate which opens it. . . As a young girl I didn't find myself dreaming of the things most girls did . . . But I did always want to have a little stables of my own and manage it with the love and care it needed to keep my pon…

A simple life is enough

The notion of a beautiful simple life, with very few pressures, worries or stresses does seem so welcoming, doesn't it? I think many people in touch with the slow living way of being, feel a deep connection to a life spent on creating little joys in everyday, and time spent on even the smallest worthwhile thing . . . like kindness, consideration for others and time cosied away from the hustle and bustle.

I didn't know about intentional or slow living, until the words appeared before me once I started to blog and create for myself. But it dawned on me that this was what I'd felt all along; this was the life for me. I didn't know the definition or the label as it were, but I knew simplicity very well. I'd always strived to live that way myself. It was a warming, accepting feeling to discover many people felt the same way, and truly sought to make this way of being a priority.
A simple life was enough for us all . . . it always has been for me. Yet, worry surfaces …

Chapter 11 ~ November Nostalgia


This time last year, my life felt very different than how it feels right now.
I was plagued with an intense anxiety which governeed my whole mind and body; migraines surfaced every week and debilitated me so much that I could barely move my head from its pillow, and I generally felt a little lost inside. I was loved, so very much, but my spirits you could say, we're a little weakend from worry and my attempts to build a new life for myself.
I say this because, if anything, this whole year has taught me so far that it's okay to be vulnerable and open with the right people. You'll know the right people because they'll scoop you up rather than try and pick you a part! But, it is okay as they say to 'not be a hundred percent okay' . . .
It does pass. Answers do come. Hope remains and life jollies you along and in so doing, your courage an confidence grow new petals and blossom beautifully again. Without fail, they always do.
So, beautiful new November, thank you…

Once upon a dream . . .

This beautiful sight appeared before all of us in the meadow and beyond on a cold, blustery Saturday as Autumn made itself known last week.
It stayed a while and in those moments it was as if it was lighting up the meadow just for us. We stood, smiled and marvelled in the middle of the radiance, feeling the rainbow's colours soak our chilly skin.
Not all moments can be planned and sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes the most beautiful moments appear before us so suddenly, and often they're the most unexpected. They're a happy surprise on a day of things not going especially smoothly. Or a gentle reminder that there is a bright side to most troubles, somewhere.
Rainbows have always been a sign of hope for me. They're a glowing example that the world is still a very pretty place, and their magical presence always demands a pause and gaze.
It is in these moments that I remember how far away I was from my dream once upon time. I started keeping a blog, believin…

A country girls dream

Today I watched my ponies from within my cosy tack room and all felt well with the world once more. Safety is a warming feeling we get within our very soul, yet it can so easily be stripped away from us when something untoward happens . . . today,  my meadowcat sits beside me, snuggled upon his chair, occasionally looking up with an affectionate gaze for a soft head scratch from my obliging hand, reminding me that all is well and good here. Simply trust it.

Every so often the ponies catch sight of me and their ears twitch in my direction, followed by a soft, snorting chuckle in acknowledgment to my presence.

 It is cold outside and our meadow is loosing it’s warm summer glow, replaced by fallen leaves which carpet the ground, and bare patches forming in the branches of the ash, field maple and hazel trees.

The view of woodland beyond is golden and brown and the footpath is showing patches of mud and puddles for jumping in - or trotting through if the ponies decide a quick pace is in…