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Hello and Welcome!

Here I share little snippets of my life in nature, amongst my small herd of ponies in the Meadow they call home. As a Devoted Aunty, Family Girl, Animal Lover and a Natural Born Worrier with a love of writing and inspirational quotes, my life in our river side wild flower Meadow in rural Hampshire, is truly like a Fairytale.  

This little blog creation allows you to have a sneak peak over the gate, and enjoy the magic for yourselves. . . I hope it too can offer you an escape into a simple, soft way of being. 


You will also find here the link to my 'Sister site'
Bridie's Meadow

. . . . Home to a blog close to my heart and work, all about the healing we can receive from horses . .

You'll also find my small writing venture peering out into the world from this space, aswell as up and coming projects, all inspired by nature. 


Thank you for stopping by.
 It's lovely to have you.

Best wishes,


A Meadow Fairytale 


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