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  Hello and Welcome!

Here I share little snippets of my life in nature, amongst my small herd of ponies in the Meadow they call home. As a Devoted Aunty, Family Girl, Animal Lover and a Natural Born Worrier with a love of writing and inspirational quotes 

-  life in our river side wild flower Meadow in rural Hampshire, is truly like a Fairytale.  This little blog creation allows you to have a sneak peak over the gate, and enjoy the magic for yourselves. . . I hope it too can offer you an escape into a simple, soft way of being. 


You will also find here the link to my 'Sister site'
Bridie's Meadow

. . . . Home to a blog close to my heart and work, all about the healing we can receive from horses . .


Thank you for stopping by. It's lovely to have you.

Best wishes,


A Meadow Fairytale 


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