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Chapter 3 ~ March Promises ~

* March promises . . . fairy garden designing with my dear nephew ~  sunlit early morning rides ~ Daffodils and snow drops arriving in the meadow ~ feeling like a grown up 27 year old ~ rain falling onto blossoming tree branches outside my window ~ Favourite new books upon my bedside table ~ inspiration and enchantment from lovely people and reassuring words ~ learning and studying from home again . . . building blocks to a new chapter . . . 
With love

Birthday Girl Wishes

Today (Tuesday) is the last day in which I am 26 years of age. Tomorrow I enter the realms of being 27. . . officially in my late twenties. I like simple birthdays. Just being around my loved ones, a few little treats and a nice piece of cake to celebrate is and has always been more than enough for me.

I've been thinking about what will come into my mind as I am asked to make a wish and blow out the candles this year.

I wrote a few little life dreams for myself recently, and found myself looking through them today, and then it struck me, these are indeed my birthday wishes. Hopes, dreams, and quiet aspirations. Maybe if I set them out into the world, when I blow out my candles tomorrow, they'll find a way to come true somehow.

The thing about wishes I've learnt is, they don't happen straight away. . . but in my 26 years I've learnt they do find a way to come true. It might not be now. But it's very rarely never.

Below are a few hopeful achievements I have for…

Mindful moments

Five special mindfulness moments of my week 
Evenings of candlelight and peaceful reflections on how my day has gone.
Morning postive affirmations before rising and taking a moment to listen to the birds singing outside my window.
Opening the book 'Calm' at any page and instantly feeling centered and settled within. 
Standing at the meadow gate, watching my four ponies quietly grazing, side by side. 
Tuning into my breathing, and feeling hurried thoughts steadily ease their frantic worries. 

I quiet hope of mine for 2017 was to practise this wonderful 'therapy' called Mindfulness.  
I am enjoying putting it into practise and calling upon it whenever I may need . . . 
Best wishes 

Daydreams ~

Book shop browsing, morning coffee, snugly scarves, kind words, encouraging talks, quiet moments, reading blogs, creating my online corner, building new chapters, letting go of old times, warm pony nuzzles, muddy welly boots, calm thoughts, early hour adventure stories, make believe, day dreams coming to life right before my eyes. A Thursday of family and time moving slowly. . . 
How I cherish these chapters .  .  .

Ps: Just a little note incase anyone kindly follows my second blog - Mindfulness with Horses -  It has officially had a little house move and now resides in the online pastures of Bridie's Meadow . . . I'd love you to continue on the journey with us, if you'd still like to come along . . .

~ Best wishes to all ~

Little Happy Thoughts ~

Three happy thoughts & things that made me smile this week . . .

* Beautiful books which are also precious keepsakes to record your thoughts and dreams. Little self care and emotional well being questions within these interactive journals, to inspire and encourage ...
 = Bliss. 

* Feeling not quite so odd, knowing that there are so many like minded people out there, who adore to write and who also look at the world as I do ...
= Kindred Spirits

* Living in the right story for myself, after so long of feeling like I wouldn't reach it ...
= Grateful 

Is there anything that's made you feel this way recently? 

'Record the special days - for they will make the harder days easier to bare' 

'When you focus on what could go right, the world surprises you' 

 'Never lose sight of what matters and counts most' 

Chapter 2 ~ February

What does having an open mind mean to you?
For me, I think it means looking at the world with enthusiasm and optimism for the future. 
To look at others with kindness and empathy, recognizing that everybody is doing the best they can, in the only way they know how. Accepting others for who they are. 
Letting the creative juices flow within, encouraging and welcoming new ideas and inspirations - seeing where it takes us without self judgment . . . 
Having an open mind to me is setting yourself free from all that holds you back. Not easy to achieve, but maybe worth a try for February??
My birthday month - the month of the amethyst.  Lets see what you bring us . . . 

With love