Little Happy Thoughts ~

Three happy thoughts & things that made me smile this week . . .


* Beautiful books which are also precious keepsakes to record your thoughts and dreams. Little self care and emotional well being questions within these interactive journals, to inspire and encourage ...

 = Bliss. 

* Feeling not quite so odd, knowing that there are so many like minded people out there, who adore to write and who also look at the world as I do ...

= Kindred Spirits

* Living in the right story for myself, after so long of feeling like I wouldn't reach it ...

= Grateful 

Is there anything that's made you feel this way recently? 

'Record the special days - for they will make the harder days easier to bare' 

'When you focus on what could go right, the world surprises you' 

 'Never lose sight of what matters and counts most' 


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