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High above the chimney tops ~

Five steps to . . .

~ looking up ~

* Things become much clearer if you take a moment to simply look up at the sky for a while. Dreamy and fanciful it may sound, but there is something grounding and humbling about gazing above. 
* No matter how bleak things may feel, there is always someone, somewhere, who will scoop you up and help put you back together again. 
* Keep a dream in your pocket. Let it inspire you each day to work and strive to bring it out into the light. Your dream holds so much power. Don't let it's spark go out. 
* Be gentle on yourself as a rule, always. 
* Have a little faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in everything working out for the better. And Faith that there is a good chance that there is something above, always watching out for you.

Apply these all together and see what happens!
. . .

Such little sweet joys

~ Slow evening river walks and sun touched wind swept hair ~ 
 ~ Floral pink cake to eat in the cooling summer air ~
~ Soft pony kisses ~ Manes flowing as we fly ~ sitting, watching tiny birds land next to you and I ~ 
~ Talking of our lovely plans. Taking each moment in our stride ~
~ So life's little joys, will never pass us by ~

With love for your weekend! 



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Simply because . . .

Simply because, if something is special to you, it's worth celebrating . . .  Simply because, if you give yourself a chance, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve . . . And, Simply because, life is supposed to be filled with more good than bad, more ups than downs, and more happiness than sadness . . .  Simply because, you matter! 

Awaiting the storm to pass

When poorly ness takes hold, do try not to fight it. Try not to force yourself to be better than you're ready to be. Simply be gentle. Breath calmly. Accept. And just hang on and wait for the storm to pass . .   It always will. 
Above is a little reminder, if illness takes hold from someone very loving and wise . . . 
I have come to know migraines very well. I can't help but think it's my mind and bodies way of saying 'please listen' . . . From now on I'm going to try and follow the gentle, kind advice of caring others, I must trust that it is safe to do so. I don't have to work to please anyone anymore, I'm designing the life I love and the people in it now are helping me sketch it to be one of comfort, resurrance and happiness. 
Time to let go . . . Hopefully as I do the anxiety migraines will too . . . 
Just awaiting now my internal storm to steadily pass . . . 


Much love to everyone for a weekend of wellness and summer moments . . . 

Chapter 7 ~ July and holding the reins to change ~