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Moments amongst the blossom trees


In a world that can feel unstable, the meadow is a small, safe haven engulfed in rising cow parsley and hedge rows strewn with pink blossoms.

The wild flowers have reared their smiling faces and each morning as I climb the gate to tend to my horses, the wilderness of green has something new to discover within it.

In all honesty, I am a little lost anywhere else but the meadow where my beloved horses live. The rural bliss I call my second home and devote so much energy to each day, may just look like a couple of acres of earth to some, but to me it's a sanctuary. A place of my very own. I make the rules and plans whilst tending to the care and growth of everything within inside the fence. The little stable over looking the river is my office and amongst essential horse care products and gadgets, I have always enjoyed filling it with the touches that resemble a happy and comfortable home.

In an unsettled world it's lovely to have somewhere to go, which is one step out of …

A week of rainfall

A week of dreaming and planning, and dusting oneself off from worries and doubts. A week of steady paces, quiet comtemplation and discovering what works and what doesn't. A week of reflection and remembering that to grow is good, but to fit into the wrong box is not. A week of trusting that no matter what comes, there will always be something encouraging around the corner if we just have the confidence to look out for it, and listen to ourselves . . .
What has your week looked like? 


My Mental Health looks like . . .

'Everyone's story matters'

My Social Anxiety looks like . . . sitting on the end of my bed staring into space while my mind goes over and over every social interaction the day has brought me.
My OCD looks like . . . struggling to leave my comfort zones until it feels right to do so. 
My Anxiety looks like . . . me asking for constant reassurance about how I should plan my day.
These are just a few little snippets through the open window of my mind. I have been well acquainted with Mental Health for most of my life, both as a sufferer and supporter to someone close who experiences a very severe psychotic mental illness. 
At first, I was terrified by all of it. Terrified of how my own mind was functioning - or not - as the case was, and terrified of watching someone you love lose their sense of reality and behave in ways that would unsettle even the calmest of souls. 
But as time passed, fear turns to accepting, accepting to greater understanding, until all you feel is c…

Chapter 5 ~ Darling May ~

It seems that May has begun with a wonderful quote to encourage, inspire and simply say  ' yes it's okay, take some time.' 
When the bluebells light up every woodland, leaves radiate green, blossom's sparkle their soft pinky pastel shades as the sunlight sprays them with warmth . . .  what better time could there be for gathering a few precious moments of peace, than in Darling May when the buds are blooming. 
Although self care is widely chatted about, deeply essential to our well being, and wholeheartedly necessary from time to time, I wonder why there is still an element of 'guilt' or ' disgruntled attitude felt' towards anyone trying to save a little time for themselves?
I can only assume it's unhappiness on their part. Which is a shame, it really is,  because to function well for others, we must firstly function well for ourselves.
I am 'Mum' to three ponies and a dear friends horse - four beautiful equines relying on me for every one…