Moments amongst the blossom trees

They appeared one morning, pretty and pink

Floral touches everywhere in the meadow

Because everyone needs a special place to think

Walking in nature is a healer

Little feathered friends at coffee time

Ramshackle and rustic hanging baskets

Soft pony noses

Wildflowers growing side by side

In a world that can feel unstable, the meadow is a small, safe haven engulfed in rising cow parsley and hedge rows strewn with pink blossoms.

The wild flowers have reared their smiling faces and each morning as I climb the gate to tend to my horses, the wilderness of green has something new to discover within it.

In all honesty, I am a little lost anywhere else but the meadow where my beloved horses live. The rural bliss I call my second home and devote so much energy to each day, may just look like a couple of acres of earth to some, but to me it's a sanctuary. A place of my very own. I make the rules and plans whilst tending to the care and growth of everything within inside the fence. The little stable over looking the river is my office and amongst essential horse care products and gadgets, I have always enjoyed filling it with the touches that resemble a happy and comfortable home.

In an unsettled world it's lovely to have somewhere to go, which is one step out of my comfort zone of my family home . . . but near enough that panic does not take over.

Amongst the blossom trees, with my horses peacefully swishing their tails whilst tearing shreds of grass from their paddock, I can breathe, believe and enjoy a slower and steadier time, and hope that maybe one day, the rest of the world outside the meadow won't feel quite such a scary place.

With Love


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