Chapter 1 ~ January

I turned over the very first page of my 2017 calendar, and this lovely quote greeted my eyes as if to throw me straight into January with encouragement and a little life lesson too!


I think these words offer a lot of positivity to all of us fellow writers and creative individuals. Just what we need as we start the New Year!

 Self doubt is something we're all familiar with I'm sure, and losing that fear that runs so deep in each of us is never an easy thing to accomplish. January however, seems a very good time to start making changes for the better, for others, for ourselves, and for everything that matters to us.


I do believe that resolutions, goals and dreams for the New year are very good and helpful. However, I also feel that it is not kind or fair to apply unhealthy amounts of pressure to ourselves  (or others)  to achieve them . . Emotionally, being hard on ourselves for not achieving what we had set our hearts and minds on, will only deplete our confidence.

I am learning that sometimes, where you are, who you are, at this exact moment - is good enough. You might have quiet dreams, hopes and countless other ambitions big or small - do hang on to those and keep striving for them - but know that you're here right now, doing what your doing, and that has as much value and importance, just as much as those goals and future aspirations. You will get to where you want to be, you will - but for now it's okay to be where you are . . . 

In learning to lose that fear of being wrong, we have to first trust that we are in fact, right

 Just as we are. 

So, may January be a month of creativity, courage, confidence but above all - self assurance!

I do hope so . . . 


~ Happy New Year ~



  1. Wishing you the happiest new year, I hope 2017 is kind to you <3

    1. Thank you ever so much, Jennie. Wishing you a very Happy New Year too. Bestest wishes. Xx

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog post "What kind of person do I want to be?" I'm having trouble replying to comments at the moment so I'm here to say how much I appreciate your comment!

    This is a great post - I agree that it's important to not apply to much pressure on others to achieve their goals because pressure can actually dissuade someone rather than encourage them.

    Thanks again!
    // Jeani

    1. So kind of you, Jeani, to pop over here. Thank you for your lovely comment. I was very glad to find your blog and enjoy very much reading through all your topics and posts! Happy New Year to you. Bestest wishes. Xx

  3. I love this post! I felt quite a lot if pressure to make sure I stuck to my New Years resolutions but after reading this it does make you realise that it's not the end of the world if you don't stick to it.
    Also I love the idea of Chapters each month! :) Happy New Year lovely lady xx

  4. Thank you ever so much, Stacie, for your kind and lovely words. They really made my evening. I'm so grateful. I can fully understand how you must have felt . . . I think you're doing wonderfully just as you are, so you can feel safe to let any pressures slip away. Take good care and all my best wishes! Xxx


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