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Create a place that feels like home . . .

These pages started out over two years ago, with a girl typing at the keys frantically unsure of herself. New to social media, blog writing and the ins and outs of the blogging world. . . It was a new, scary, creative challenge . .  but how I loved it back then.
It's safe to say, I am still frantically unsure, however I know so much more than I did then in so many ways. But, in a strange turn of events, I long to return to that 'starting out' feeling I felt when I first began what was 'Keep Calm and Start Writing' then . . this little place. 
So, after a lot of scribbled notes, late night wanderings, and pieces of paper with ideas sketched upon them, my blog has quietly waited for a slight reinvention and a magic of bringing back to life. . . 
A Meadow Fairytale encompasses a mixture of everything I share, work at, create and live.
It brings to life the Meadow I call home. The magic I seek in everyday. The wonder of my horses and some new business plans comin…

Notes from the Meadow to anxiety

There is beauty even in crumbling things. . .
Blank pages. Golden green tree leaves. Srumched petals and slow hours. . . Nature is a beautiful therapy. It Innately encourages stillness. Reflection and positivity with its simple wisdom of having robin's perch at your side, white feathers land in your lap and every so often a butterfly emerge from the sea of wild flowers. 
What a calming reminder it is that all is well and as it should be. . . Nature let's you sit in silence and without judgment allows you to just be. When thoughts are loud. The breeze softens them. When worries descend into thick clouds in your mind, the reasurring sound of bird song for a moment says ' You're okay' . . . 
Nature says slow down. Move freely as I do. When you trust in the natural rhythm of things and embrace all that feels right to you, it doesn't matter how restless your thoughts are -  how anxious your heart is, or how uncertain your mind feels -  you'll always come back t…

Summer chats ~

These words have been such a light since discovering their presence recently. It's okay to live those aspirations when they come true. And they will . . . 
Make a beautiful life. And do it for yourself  because just may be, if more people took a loving chance on themselves, life would look like a summer wild flower meadow - even in the coldest night of winter, when everything feels like a very steep mountain to climb. 

These precious moments show my ramshackle but well loved approach to that beautiful life I'm striving to make. . . 
I am keeping them safe here to always admire, believe and hold on tight too.  . . . 
Some believe it is not realistic to hold fairy tale ideals, positive mind sets or choosing a simpler way over the 'normal' - but if something makes you feel stronger, braver and more able - why not stick to it? 
Life is full of plentiful hardships. Surely, anything good that makes managing it all more comfortable is a step in the right direction. 
Dream aw…

Back to creating and dreaming

Listening to the right pause button . . .  
' Sometimes we let one thing go when actually it was the very thing that made us feel ourselves. If you need to stop and gather your hobbies and loves together, you must. '


Writing has taken a back seat for a little while in my life just now. But when I think fondly back to when I first pressed publish on my blog, my story had only just begun and it was a magical time of trying something new.

By recording my thoughts, sharing inspirational topics and chatting about my experiences in general amongst my horses, the meadow we call home and the nature surrounding us - I was able to piece together a new chapter of my life, having closed an old one down.

' I am determined to make a beautiful life for myself - no matter what it takes ' 
Author unknown 
In a strange sort of way - by writing most days I found my voice for the off line world, but doubted my online voice more and more as time went by. But I realised just recently, ho…

A little inspiration

' Follow where your heart leads ' 

' New paths can open up at any time ' 

' Take a moment at the end of each day ' 

 ' Create your own happiness ' 
Sometimes wearing rose coloured spectacles allows you a closer look at your dreams. It's not about pretending, or being fanciful or unrealistic - it's about seeing a dream no one else can see, and keeping it safe from the mis-steps of reality which may try to break those dreams down, as you work at navigating your way towards them. Keep the spectacles on - because sometimes looking at things as they ought to be - can be a tremendous source of comfort and power. . . And from that, wonderful things can happen. 
*  ' I am going to make a beautiful life for my self. No matter what it takes' 

Vulnerability really does bring you closer to your dreams. . .

This morning I am sat watching my beautiful herd of ponies mingle and graze amongst the remaining scraps of winter grass. A coffee cup is perched in my muddy hands, and I'm filled with a deep sense, that right now in this moment- all is good in my little world.  Most blogging moments are beautiful desks and soft blankets, and pretty mugs with dreamy notebooks. You may say mine is a little more countryfied around the edges. . .

It's been so long since I felt capable of holding the reins myself and owning my own story.

You see, puting everything I'd ever hoped for into place, and actually living it was always a distant dream on the horizon.  
There are days when the worries get too loud. When doubt comes knocking and when fear of the unknown transforms my outlook. But, today it's as if the harmonious transition into spring has swept right through me, and settled me back to my old self where everything fits into place just so. . .

Some people fear solitude. I confess I&#…

A letter to a friend. . .

Dear my little blog,
I am so sorry I have not been there for you recently. Life in the Meadow has taken over at present and very little time for recording it has been available.  How I have missed you. . .
You may have noticed me drop by from time to time to check in on how you're doing? I apologise for not staying long enough in your calming company.

You see this simple country girl has had a little more complications of late! Do not worry. In the grand scheme of life it is not for you to trouble yourself over. It's just required an awful lot of head space! You know me and multitasking!
But, it is beautiful February. My birthday month. The month where spring gently whispers ' I won't be long '  - where snow drops appear daintily bowing their sweet, soft heads. Daffodil shoots emerge, determined, from the earth and the birds singing is even more musical to cold ears under floppy, bobble hats.
Even if I am gone for a while, little blog, I'll always come back. Y…

Pockets of sunshine

Even before slow living and finding a mindfulness moment in the everyday, became such popular and 'on trend' ways of living our lives. . . I think I always did my best to be that way without even realising it? 
Rushing around, frantic, hectic and full of 'everything' we have to get done,  would send me into a tailspin of worry, panic and mental exhaustion. 
My body and mind just could not exist like that. Despite the old faithful motto of 'women are multi taskers' I am afraid to say, I am not that woman! 
I am a 'focus on one task - and do it well then move on to the next ' type soul! 
So, this is a little post about following your own path and knowing that it's good enough. We're all unique and it's that which makes life so colourful. 
It's very easy to not be able to hear your own voice in the busy hustle and loud bustle of everyday. But it will be there. Quietly guiding you towards what is right and wrong. 
There are a few ways to li…

Live the life you love

There's an underlying sadness I find in a New Year coming and going. We will not live 2017 again, it has come and gone and carried us to where we are now . . . But, there is also something very special about that. It is a timely reminder I feel at how precious life is, and how important every day is, every moment we fill, every new chapter we take - it all counts for something as we each leave footprints upon the world and colour in its pages in our own unique way - united. 

2017 was the year my designs for living the life I love became my reality. I began to set those carefully crafted designs into place, and began making them part of my day.

I reached out of my comfort zone and put myself out into the world a little more than I would normally do - but I did it in a way which felt 'right' for me, with a goal that had been hand picked from my own designing process.

It's amazing how when you're true to yourself and your own path, the right people find you and join …