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A letter to a friend. . .

Dear my little blog,
I am so sorry I have not been there for you recently. Life in the Meadow has taken over at present and very little time for recording it has been available.  How I have missed you. . .
You may have noticed me drop by from time to time to check in on how you're doing? I apologise for not staying long enough in your calming company.

You see this simple country girl has had a little more complications of late! Do not worry. In the grand scheme of life it is not for you to trouble yourself over. It's just required an awful lot of head space! You know me and multitasking!
But, it is beautiful February. My birthday month. The month where spring gently whispers ' I won't be long '  - where snow drops appear daintily bowing their sweet, soft heads. Daffodil shoots emerge, determined, from the earth and the birds singing is even more musical to cold ears under floppy, bobble hats.
Even if I am gone for a while, little blog, I'll always come back. Y…