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Bloggers Recognition Award!!!

I was so touched to find that Jemima from Another Ranting Reader
had so kindly popped my blog down as a nominee. Thank you so much!

Little things like this are very exciting I think you'd agree because as a new blogger, navigating through the ins and outs of this wonderful hobby, lifestyle, passion and community, it's even more encouraging when you get a lovely surprise such as this small pat on the head. I don't have a huge audience, this is just a very small scale space, but it is still more than I expected starting out.

It seems there are a few rules to abide by with this award -
 in which I hope I get correct and do justice to.

Firstly ...

Say thank you and acknowledge the blogger who nominated you :

Dear Jemima, please see above! Huge thanks to you for choosing my blog and me. It means so much. I would highly recommend anyone who stops by, to take a look at
Please do. It's a lovely place.

Secondly ... 

Offer a small story abo…

Autumn photo diary of a country girl

I am an advocate of saving time for the little moments that restore calm and happiness.
The countryside has a way of encouraging this I always find.


I think Autumn may be my favourite season . . .

Do what makes your soul happy

Sharing my life with horses was always a childhood dream of mine. I think that is why the quote  ' A pony is a childhood dream - A horse is an adult treasure '  is so special to me....because it's very much true! 

 ' My three reasons for why horses and horse riding are good for the soul . . . '
1) Horses and ponies are highly sensitive creatures, capable of reading and registering our emotions, often more effectively than we do ourselves. This is a wonderful lesson in how to be more mindful and empathetic about how we're feeling. It's a certainty you will feel calmer having spent even just five minutes in the company of a horse. They see everything, but never judge. 
2) Being out in the countryside with fresh air circulating through your lungs, the breeze in your hair and natural beauty all around you is always sure to lift your spirits. Breathing all this in on board a horse is even more uplifting, as riding requires you to be in the moment, totally c…

A Mental Health Message

World Mental Health Day I'm sure has a small meaning to some, and a bigger, deeper meaning to others. Mental health struggles surround us all, sadly, just as Cancer does. 
Both of these illnesses I have been acquainted with - which means my family and friends have too. So you see, we're all connected somehow. These painful battles have touched all of our lives. How comforting it is to see people group together and say a simple 'me too'.
There is such power and strength in that.
 Mental Health does need to be addressed and spoken about with compassion and non-judgment, because like any illness, it is terrifying. Whether you are going through it yourself, or watching a loved one experience it, there is no escaping how upsetting and out of control it leaves you feeling. To know that other people understand, can instantly reduce that fear, even if it's short lived. It can centre a fragile mind and lessen the fear that you're going through it alone -  which in t…

Sunday magic

I am not sure my words, no matter how descriptive I tried to make them, could ever be complimentary enough to the meadow on a sun kissed, Sunday morning. 

All is well here as I sit amongst my horses happily munching their hay breakfasts, the warm sunlight soaking their fluffy coats.  *  It's a little piece of perfection for a country dweller like me. So magical in fact, I just had to share it. 

Happy Sunday . . .

Somewhere over the rainbow ~ Self belief ~

Autumn day inspiration - for when you need skies to be blue ....

' The night can only last for so long. ' Britt Nicole
For courage in darker days. 

' I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.' Anne of Green Gables 
For feeling good about the colder seasons arriving. 

'We're after the same rainbow's end. . .' Moon River 
For comfort whenever you feel alone.


Nature tells the most wonderful story . . .