Do what makes your soul happy


Sharing my life with horses was always a childhood dream of mine. I think that is why the quote 
' A pony is a childhood dream - A horse is an adult treasure '  is so special to me....because it's very much true! 


 ' My three reasons for why horses and horse riding are good for the soul . . . '

1) Horses and ponies are highly sensitive creatures, capable of reading and registering our emotions, often more effectively than we do ourselves. This is a wonderful lesson in how to be more mindful and empathetic about how we're feeling. It's a certainty you will feel calmer having spent even just five minutes in the company of a horse. They see everything, but never judge. 

2) Being out in the countryside with fresh air circulating through your lungs, the breeze in your hair and natural beauty all around you is always sure to lift your spirits. Breathing all this in on board a horse is even more uplifting, as riding requires you to be in the moment, totally connected to what you're asking of your horse so they can comfortably understand you. This is a precious partnership that teaches you to trust yourself. 

3) Horse-riding boosts your independence and bravery - which is such a positive confidence giver! You'll discover as your horse looks to you for where to go, what to do, and whether it's safe, that you possess leadership skills within that you never knew you had!

With Love 


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