Bloggers Recognition Award!!!

I was so touched to find that Jemima from Another Ranting Reader
had so kindly popped my blog down as a nominee. Thank you so much!

Little things like this are very exciting I think you'd agree because as a new blogger, navigating through the ins and outs of this wonderful hobby, lifestyle, passion and community, it's even more encouraging when you get a lovely surprise such as this small pat on the head. I don't have a huge audience, this is just a very small scale space, but it is still more than I expected starting out.

It seems there are a few rules to abide by with this award -
 in which I hope I get correct and do justice to.

Firstly ...

Say thank you and acknowledge the blogger who nominated you :

Dear Jemima, please see above! Huge thanks to you for choosing my blog and me. It means so much. I would highly recommend anyone who stops by, to take a look at
Please do. It's a lovely place.

Secondly ... 

 Offer a small story about how you began blogging :

I have two blog creations that I first pressed publish on in January of this year.
Keep Calm and Start Writing - began when I needed to do exactly that! Cutting a long story short, I was working one day, feeling desperately fraught with worries, when I saw a Zoella article gleaming up at me from a newspaper. From here I fell head over heels for this world of writing/blogging that I never knew existed. ( I was a late arrival to this wonderful world) I've always adored writing, and to create a place where I can tap away on the keyboard and fill up a page with my thoughts and pictures is just very lovely in every way. My hope is to one day be a Children's book author, and write

My other blog is . . .

Bridie's meadow of Mindfulness with Horses

It is all about the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy - I focus on my love of horses and the need for a little emotional healing after a tough time with my mental health. It is my discoveries and thoughts and offers a few helpful tips along the way to anyone who may need a little boost.

Thirdly ...
 Two Tips for Newbie Bloggers:

1) I'd have to say, just be true to yourself. Write what you feel and what matters to you. First and foremost, blogging should be a fun, positive and creative outlet that makes you feel good about who you are and the way you see the world.

2) Enjoy discovering bloggers, learning from others, exploring their worlds and admire fellow writers without comparing yourself to them. Learn from and enjoy this world of writing!

Lastly ... very importantly!

Nominate 15 favourite bloggers of your own and share them:

( This worried me because I did not want to leave anyone out! )

 I want to celebrate the blogs that I love and not miss anyone along the way - I hope you enjoy these lovely bloggers spaces as much as I do - Please know if I have missed someone, it's not because I don't love your work, because I really do . . . My Best wishes go to everyone! Apologies if you have already been nominated before - I am new to this!

1) More Mindful You 
2)Fashion Blogger Stacie  
3) Floral and feather 
4)Country Bumble 
5) The Tea Drinking English Rose 
6)A Cup of Creative 
7) Snug  
8)A Soulful Life
9) Sailboat 
10)Rainbow - Rose Blossom 
11)Sweet Passions 
12)Wooden Windowsills  
13)Finding Hope  
14)Blogging for Sanity 
15Carina Vardie 


Please could I just say that there are SO many more blogs and bloggers I adore - every one has something worthwhile to say - so please do trust that!

Thank you all!

. . .
Happy Blogging Xx

' Milly '  

These are some extra lovely blogs I love dipping into . . .

I just had to share them here too  . . .

Bye for now!


  1. Amelia, thank you so much for your nomination, it really made my day! Sooo kind of you ☺️ I'll be featuring you on my blog post as soon as I can fit it into my schedule but for now I have featured your blog on my Facebook page that I recently started! Check it out and give it a follow ☺️ Xxx

    1. You are more than welcome, Stacie. You seem so lovely and your blog is such a wonderful creation. I've always loved it! It is so kind of you to feature my blog on your new Facebook page. Thank you so very much. That has made my day too! Take good care. Best wishes! Xx

  2. Wooohoo congrats Amelia! It's always nice to have a little place on the internet to share, connect, inspire and to be inspired! Thank you so so much for the nomination it is truly appreciated! <3 xoxo

    1. Thanks so very much!! And you are most welcome! I love your blog. It's so inspiring and full of positivity. Such a lovely place to explore.

      Very best wishes in everyway to you. Xxx

  3. Congratulations on the award and thanks so much for the nomination! Love your two tips for bloggers, both are so important! :) xx
    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. Thank you too, Zoe, so much. I love the beautiful things you create, and your blog is such a lovely space, so you are very welcone. Best wishes. Ps. I'm hoping to purchase the lovely crochet bunting on your etsy shop as a Christmas gift soon! Xx

  4. Thank you so much sweetie, this is a great way of learning about new blogs!


    1. You're very welcome. Yours is such a lovely blog. I always admire the beautiful looks/clothes you share. Very best wishes. Xx

  5. Lovely post, Amelia! You definitely deserve the recognition. You have such a lovely blog. Looking forward to your next post! x

    1. I can't thank you enough for your lovely and kind message. It means so much. Thank you so much for your support. Xx that made my Sunday xxx Very Best wishes to you.

  6. I love your tips for newbie bloggers, they're really helpful! I'll also have to check out your blog on animal assisted therapy it sounds really interesting!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you ever so much. It really is so kind of you. Very best wishes to you in everyway. Xx


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