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Self belief Xx

What lovely advice ...

The Healing Powers of our four legged friends

" Two feet move your body ~ Four feet move your soul " - author unknown 
I am fascinated by the benefits animals, especially horses, can bring to our emotional health and mental well being. Animal Assisted Therapy is greatly esteemed to have such positive influences upon someone feeling sad or low in confidence - and stretches even further to offering healing effects to those with more severe mental health struggles - such as clinical depression and anxiety. 
Animals naturally live in the moment - focused on what they are doing at the time - with no fear or worry for the future...we can learn a lot about mindfulness from simply being in their presence. 
I share many thoughts and experiences on the subject of Animal Assisted Therapy -  you are welcome to take a look With Love xxx

Mental health is important

Sometimes in life ... I think we can become so caught up in getting from A to B and earning a living, providing for our families, getting through the day, negotiating with people, trying to organise ourselves as best we can ... that often we forget to consider our mental and emotional well being along the way.
It is easy to see when someone has physically hurt themselves - however mental pain goes under the radar, and not just to those around us ... but also to ourselves. 
Sadly many of us are coping from one to moment to the next, trying to manage our feelings and emotions before they spill over the edge and we are left with a terribly messy situation in our minds. 
We are existing and not truly enjoying life and cherishing the little things that really do matter to us - and from this place - our spirits weaken, our happiness ebbs away and we often feel very disconnected from ourselves and what used to feel right ...It's like our minds are trying to let us know that we're off tr…

A country home education Xx

When I fondly look back on my teenage years. I am enveloped with such warmth and happiness that I was fortunate enough to opt out of normal education. 
Living in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by animals, wildlife and rolling green hills, I felt so at home there - the busy and overwhelming school environment, with crowded corridors, disruptive lessons and social divides, instantly made me shrink inside. I experienced it, and coped as best I could for infants and juniors but senior school was another matter - after a stressful year seven experience I walked into school at the beginning of year 8 for my first term, and a feeling took over me... I just could not stay here any longer.....and I knew somehow there must be a way that meant I didn't have to. 
Not many people know that while an education is compulsory - going to school is not! 
My nurturing and loving family have always valued the importance of self care...and if somethings is not right....we must change it. Life is…