A life in nature

How nature and animals can help us heal through our emotional struggles, has always inspired me and captured my imagination. 

To move with the seasons, notice the quiet wisdom of animals and their wonderful ability to live in the moment, to learn little unique ways to help us through - a life immersed in nature is one we can all benefit from in even the smallest of forms. 

I am a certified Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner and implement it's gentle approach to supporting our emotional welfare, with my own animals through my writings, teachings and inspirations shared. 

A paw to hold in times of need, a warm drink in hands admist the back drop of wildflowers and a trickling stream. Birdsong filling the skies. . . A life in nature is definitely the best remedy I know. It brings me great joy to share it all. I believe in our fast paced world, time spent in nature can resolve so many of our worries. 

Children find their confidence grows around animals. And grown ups find they can think clearly with peace and clarity - even just for a much needed pause from life's busyness. 

Take a look here for some deeper inspiration on the healing affects of Pet and Equine therapy. . . 


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