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Pockets of sunshine

Even before slow living and finding a mindfulness moment in the everyday, became such popular and 'on trend' ways of living our lives. . . I think I always did my best to be that way without even realising it? 
Rushing around, frantic, hectic and full of 'everything' we have to get done,  would send me into a tailspin of worry, panic and mental exhaustion. 
My body and mind just could not exist like that. Despite the old faithful motto of 'women are multi taskers' I am afraid to say, I am not that woman! 
I am a 'focus on one task - and do it well then move on to the next ' type soul! 
So, this is a little post about following your own path and knowing that it's good enough. We're all unique and it's that which makes life so colourful. 
It's very easy to not be able to hear your own voice in the busy hustle and loud bustle of everyday. But it will be there. Quietly guiding you towards what is right and wrong. 
There are a few ways to li…

Live the life you love

There's an underlying sadness I find in a New Year coming and going. We will not live 2017 again, it has come and gone and carried us to where we are now . . . But, there is also something very special about that. It is a timely reminder I feel at how precious life is, and how important every day is, every moment we fill, every new chapter we take - it all counts for something as we each leave footprints upon the world and colour in its pages in our own unique way - united. 

2017 was the year my designs for living the life I love became my reality. I began to set those carefully crafted designs into place, and began making them part of my day.

I reached out of my comfort zone and put myself out into the world a little more than I would normally do - but I did it in a way which felt 'right' for me, with a goal that had been hand picked from my own designing process.

It's amazing how when you're true to yourself and your own path, the right people find you and join …