Autumn photo diary of a country girl

An early morning autumnal sun lit ride

Hot coffee in cold hands beside the meadow river

A peaceful moment amongst the last of the green leaves

Scrunching through crunchy fallen leaves in muddy boots

Watching contented ponies through the bare trees

I am an advocate of saving time for the little moments that restore calm and happiness.
The countryside has a way of encouraging this I always find.


I think Autumn may be my favourite season . . .


  1. There's photos are so calming to look at, nature always seems to make everything better! <3

    1. Thank you ever so much. I very much agree! Nature and the countryside is calming and good for the soul. Best wishes. Xx

  2. Hello! I'm from the countryside myself, I live in Norfolk in England and so I love these photos! I love the messages of your blog: positivity, happiness and being yourself. All three are the things that I stand for myself

    1. Thank you ever so much for your lovely message and kind words. It's nice to have someone who also knows/loves the country life stop by! I shall enjoy exploring your blog. Very best wishes to you. Xx thanks again so much. Xx


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