High above the chimney tops ~

Five steps to . . .

~ looking up ~

* Things become much clearer if you take a moment to simply look up at the sky for a while. Dreamy and fanciful it may sound, but there is something grounding and humbling about gazing above. 

* No matter how bleak things may feel, there is always someone, somewhere, who will scoop you up and help put you back together again. 

* Keep a dream in your pocket. Let it inspire you each day to work and strive to bring it out into the light. Your dream holds so much power. Don't let it's spark go out. 

* Be gentle on yourself as a rule, always. 

* Have a little faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in everything working out for the better. And Faith that there is a good chance that there is something above, always watching out for you.

Apply these all together and see what happens!

. . .


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