Awaiting the storm to pass

Dreaming of sitting under the blue skies 

Watching my ponies peacefully graze 

Being at their side once more 

Taking in the beautiful scents of our meadow 

When poorly ness takes hold, do
try not to fight it. Try not to force yourself to be better than you're ready to be. Simply be gentle. Breath calmly. Accept. And just hang on and wait for the storm to pass . .   It always will. 

Above is a little reminder, if illness takes hold from someone very loving and wise . . . 

I have come to know migraines very well. I can't help but think it's my mind and bodies way of saying 'please listen' . . . From now on I'm going to try and follow the gentle, kind advice of caring others, I must trust that it is safe to do so. I don't have to work to please anyone anymore, I'm designing the life I love and the people in it now are helping me sketch it to be one of comfort, resurrance and happiness. 

Time to let go . . . Hopefully as I do the anxiety migraines will too . . . 

Just awaiting now my internal storm to steadily pass . . . 


Much love to everyone for a weekend of wellness and summer moments . . . 


  1. Indeed, the storm will pass, and you will come out stronger :) hang in there <3 <3

    1. So lovely of you to say, Anna Jo. My very best wishes. Thank you for your kind words. Xxx


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