Birthday Girl Wishes

Today (Tuesday) is the last day in which I am 26 years of age. Tomorrow I enter the realms of being 27. . . officially in my late twenties. I like simple birthdays. Just being around my loved ones, a few little treats and a nice piece of cake to celebrate is and has always been more than enough for me.

I've been thinking about what will come into my mind as I am asked to make a wish and blow out the candles this year.

I wrote a few little life dreams for myself recently, and found myself looking through them today, and then it struck me, these are indeed my birthday wishes. Hopes, dreams, and quiet aspirations. Maybe if I set them out into the world, when I blow out my candles tomorrow, they'll find a way to come true somehow.

The thing about wishes I've learnt is, they don't happen straight away. . . but in my 26 years I've learnt they do find a way to come true. It might not be now. But it's very rarely never.

Below are a few hopeful achievements I have for myself and a few little dreams that I'll keep working on in my 27 th year . . .

I hope you keep hold of your hopes and dreams, and give them a chance at coming true.



Calligraphy ~ as a lovely skill and hobby 

Etsy shop inspirational prints ~ a little part time venture 

Liberty training with Bloss ~ for my girl and me ~ master herd leader inspiration 


Copy Writing Diploma course ~ 
a hopeful, successful little business 
of my own in which I can write, create and market for others from home 

Financial Security ~ from working for myself 

Mindfulness With Horses ~
Blogging and sharing my passion with others for
healing with horses 

Fairytails Photography
another little venture capturing
 country life, horses and all things pretty and precious
 ~ for others and ourselves ~ wedding magic . . .


Self acceptance ~ worries and all

Inner calm ~ in the moment

What could go right ~ instead of fearing the worst

Social calm ~ enjoy interacting and friendships without fear and need for approval, fear of judgment and criticism


With love


  1. This is such a beautifully written blog post :) I am scared of turning late twenties but we should really be more positive! I hope you manage to achieve everything that you want, I'm sure you will and I really hope you have a lovely calming relaxed birthday! Who needs a big party anyway! :) Happy birthday beautiful xx

  2. Thank you ever so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely message, Stacie. It means so much. I saw your trip to Bristol on your Instagram story which looked good fun! Yes, it's a little daunting turning 27! But I hope to enjoy the day! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes Xxx


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