Mindful moments

Five special mindfulness moments of my week 


Evenings of candlelight and peaceful reflections on how my day has gone.

Morning postive affirmations before rising and taking a moment to listen to the birds singing outside my window.

Opening the book 'Calm' at any page and instantly feeling centered and settled within. 

Standing at the meadow gate, watching my four ponies quietly grazing, side by side. 

Tuning into my breathing, and feeling hurried thoughts steadily ease their frantic worries. 

I quiet hope of mine for 2017 was to practise this wonderful 'therapy' called Mindfulness.  

I am enjoying putting it into practise and calling upon it whenever I may need . . . 

Best wishes 


  1. Such a cute post. I need to start practising more mindfulness this year, I started off well but it's been flagging recently under pressures at work. Time to refocus!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

    1. So kind of you, Katie thank you!! I understand how you feel. I hope you're able to take some time away from the pressure and devote some energy to self care and your mindfulness practise. I'm sure you'll get there! Xx Best wishes in everyway. X


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