Thoughtful friday in the meadow ~

' Stories do not always end where their authors intended, 
but there is joy in following wherever they take us.' 
 'Miss Potter'

 Beatrix Potter - Film - 'Miss Potter' 

I chose this quote and imagery today....because in the meadow amongst my ponies, I suddenly noticed a wonderful collection of wildlife had decided to take up residence with us. 

A duck family wandered from corner to corner of the far reaching meadow, pecking at the grass and waddling beside one another, chattering with musical quacks as they walked.

 A couple of pheasants aimlessly scattered themselves by the fallen trees. Rabbits hopped upon the paddock banks, in a safe and peaceful world of their own. In the trees, the robin family sang,  filling the morning sky with a colourful chorus to match the beautiful, sunlit clouds. And the heron looked on from his poised position, upon the river bridge. 

In that moment, I felt just like Beatrix Potter! - surrounded by all these dear creatures, making their homes in my pony's meadow, as Spring welcomes them all after their long winters nap. 

I hold Miss Potter in high esteem, so it felt very fitting indeed to find myself in a position she may have greatly admired and been wholeheartedly inspired by. 

What a nice start to April ... 
and a gentle reminder that I am on the right track and in the right place.


Beatrix Potter - Film - 2006

With Love 

The wedding arch in the meadow today ~ 1st April



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