Learning to let go ...

Letting go is never an easy process ... yet there are moments in our lives when we have to simply breathe, accept and let go. And then we must wait. We must hang on tight and wait for the rain to stop, the clouds to pass and soon, sometime very soon, the sun will come out once more.

Letting go comes in many shapes and forms, but the letting go that I am sharing here, is an emotional releasing ... an emotional switch and a letting go infused with acceptance and relief.

You see, I am having to let go of the ideal that I am okay, when deep down, I do not feel okay.
 I will be....but just now I am truly not. I guess it's called living with a worrisome mind and an anxious heart.

I realised though, that I seem to have forgotten that I should be surrendering to rest, calming activities and 'easy does it' moments just now ... 

But our harshest critics seem to be ourselves and we fight for control so as to silence the voice that says 'why aren't you doing that'  ... 'you should be doing this' ...  ' what's the matter with you' 
If we have a self doubt, or fear, our internal chatter boxes speak up about it!

 Absorbed by every crushing criticism, cruel remark, doubting thought....the chatter box feeds off our hurts and creates big scary monsters from these painful times.  

I wonder why we believe the cold, unkind words of others so readily, yet fail to take compliments as the truth?

 Why do we think unkindness is the reality, yet kindness is just someone being good-natured?

So ... I must dear blog world....let go.
I need to let go of feeling like a bad person for saying 'I cannot do this right now'
I need to let go of believing unkind words and trust the loving ones my wonderful family and close friends offer. I must breathe, accept and let go, that right now my mind isn't working properly, and this time I have been given to heal must be used for exactly that. Healing.  Mending.  Fixing. Letting go. 

No need for planning and controlling just now. I must be. Just be. And trust that in letting go, I am setting myself free and from there things will be okay. I will find my way, and everything will make sense and life will feel less overwhelming.

Breathe. Accept. Take each day as it comes, allowing myself the chance to wholeheartedly heal and recuperate. Keep the faith. Cherish what matters. And the rest will fall into place. 


If you are struggling with anything - I would like to say be kind to yourself and please know I am thinking of you and wishing you well with all of my heart. Everything will be alright....I promise.


~ With Love ~ 


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