Happiness/Unhappiness ?

'It's not about waiting for the storm to pass. 
It's about learning to dance in the rain.'  
Author Unknown


Make Happy Memories Each Day


I often wonder to myself why it is that people express to each other so easily, how stressed and tired they are, as if it's a competition of unhappiness. Yet people so readily neglect to speak up about all the good things, and positive moments experienced - as if positivity and happiness are unrealistic, and negativity and unhappiness are simply 'just life ... ' 

These are just quiet musings of mine - but I am trying to speak up more and the keyboard called me to type away...so I thought I would!

I wonder you see, why people work so tirelessly, losing their sparkle and their dreams all to reach the goal of living freely when retired? It fills me with sadness when I hear countless stories of people working so hard to acquire, achieve, get - and yet when the time arrives to enjoy it their bodies, hearts and soul are worn down and out and there is nothing left of them to cherish and make use of what they strived for. Surely this isn't what life should be about? 

I am an advocate for people asking for help when they are troubled or struggling, but I am also an advocate for people knowing that they hold their own power to change things for the better...For our lives are too precious and we break so painfully when wandering from what brings out the light in us. 

I think that unhappiness can actually be a helpful guide, alerting you to make changes and alter your path - it's your body's warning system saying loudly and clearly 
' something isn't right ' 
- I wonder why we all carry on regardless without listening to this signal?

Each day should surely be the dream - living for each day - filling it with something special so that no time is going to waste. 

We must earn our living and provide for ourselves....but we mustn't abandon our love for each day...for if we do not take care of each other and ourselves along the way, I fear we may lose our right to freedom and dream living later on .... 

I write this because, I nearly fell into this trap. 

Existing and not living is soul destroying and after so long I knew I had to take my unhappiness, look at it closely, and examine what I needed to change to make it brighter and stronger and more radiant than ever.

It's a tough one to figure out - but if we could find some courage deep within, dig into it and be a little brave, maybe everyone would feel more at ease sharing their joys and not just their hardships - because they would know they hold the key to fixing what isn't right.

Maybe then, people would feel grateful and not resentful. Energised instead of fatigued. Hopeful instead of hopeless and happy, instead of unhappy.
What do you think? : ) 
With every loving wish sent ....
'It's the journey that matters, not just the destination'
Author Unknown


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