Monday, 13 June 2016

Rainy day reflection

 Author Unknown

 But ... they must have known that in the saddle on the back of your horse, well, it truly is the best place to think.

With so much sadness and tragedy happening around the world, sometimes just taking a quiet moment seems the only way to process everything.

When you have the company of a horse, your silent partner in his steady way, offers that calm reflection you need to just 'be'. With each step he takes, as his hooves stamp the ground beneath you, all feelings of being overwhelmed are softly eased. 

 To keep our sense of control in such an unpredictable world, it seems all that can be done is to take each day at a time. Aim to do our best with as much kindness and care as we can. Then, try not to worry about the future.

Take care of the moment you are in - and then just maybe everything will fall into place and seem a little more manageable, and a little less scary.

With Love

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