A little Self care note!

 Self Care with a Feminine Touch

* Tea Tree Essential Oil - for healthy glowing skin

* Argan Oil - For luscious, soft and damage free hair

* Evening Primrose Oil capsules - For balanced hormones!

I have not yet mastered the art of a perfect Self care routine - but with a few little things to help the process it can mean that spending time taking care of yourself becomes an important part of your daily activities - that you look forward to!

The three products above that I have listed, aid the areas I think us women consider to be the most important!

Healthy, good skin
Healthy, manageable hair
Healthy, calm and balanced emotions


The three natural oils Tea tree, Argan, and Evening primrose have certainly given my skin, hair and emotions a positive embrace just recently - especially as I find myself in need of some extra TLC with regard to my physical well being at present. I blame a nasty virus that has taken hold! 

So...if you find your skin, hair and emotions are in need of a little 'pick me up' I would definitely sample these three little natural oils. Simple. Uncomplicated. And so far.. proving highly effective!

PS: Very reasonably priced too & found almost anywhere!


I hope this helps in some small way - Us girls must stick together! 


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