Hope and Honeysuckle ~

It's nearly the end of June...my two blogs have been out in the big wide world for 6 months now and they've become just as I'd hoped! A happy hobby to delve into my love of writing and a place where all the things that mean something special to me can be shared.

I started writing my blog at a time of great uncertainty. I had to press pause for a while on my self and my life in order to do some emotional healing after a heavy struggle with clinical anxiety. 

Although I am not entirely free from the struggle, writing has been such a positive part of getting well and continues to encourage me forwards each day. 

Thank you to the kind souls who have left such lovely comments on my blogs so far and to the people who have taken the time to press the Follow button. 

Thank you to those who simply stop by just to read my snippets of bits and bobs too. 

I hope that whoever reads this will always take care of their emotional well being and trust that a lot of good can come from stepping off the hamster wheel of life, when you really need to. 

It's not always very easy - but it's truly worth it...

With so many loving wishes


Auntie days in the wildflower meadow - time is precious - cherish life - value what matters most


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