Wildflowers and summer rain

When you have a life with horses, your day begins in the countryside and ends there too. Devotedly each morning you greet the sunrise and make your way up to the field for the giving of breakfasts. In summer time, the evenings grow lighter and afternoon visits longer, as you make your way back to the field to find expectant faces looking out for dinner and a gentle head scratch. 

This morning and evening connection to nature is something I always cherish and find so settling and steadying amongst every day life. 

A little place of tranquility, where every season I can witness the land come alive with colour and beauty. Slowly then, the breeze cools, and hibernation once more begins for the winter months. 

The meadow is a soft blanket of wild flowers just now. The blossoms are delicately engulfing the tree branches with their pastel petals. Overhead the birds chorus is strong and musical. Life is stirring.

If you can, wherever you may be - do try to find nature or some countryside and just admire it for as long as you can.....

You will come away feeling restored, centered and peaceful.

You truly will. 

 Even the rainfall feels different in the countryside, especially when you are surrounded by wildflowers and the soft sound of pony muzzles pressed to the stalks of fresh grass.  

Being in the countryside is natural therapy - literally! 


With Love 


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