All the Christmas Emotions ~


~ My five 
Mental Well Being hopes 
for Christmas and the New Year ~

Hope 1

Getting well and strong - sadly my emotional well being has seeped through to my physical self these last few weeks. Migraines and poorlyness are not ideal during the festive season I think you'd agree?!  Time to work on self care and accept help when it's kindly offered . . .

Hope 2

Devoting more time to writing and creating - because it makes me happy and keeps me peacefully in the moment!

Hope 3

Enjoying my time with loved ones, and enjoying what I love, without feeling guilty that I should be 'working' and 'figuring out my future at every moment!

Hope 4

Accepting and letting go of unhealthy mindsets which trap me into being a slave to excessive worry!

Hope 5

Less pressure on myself in all areas of my life - even with my ponies! If I want to just potter about and enjoy their company, without a ride, that's what I'll do. We all get something out of it in those lovely 'just us' moments together - including strengthening our bond! So . . . no more pressure or comparisons. Do what is right for us - my ponies and I . . .

Do you have any personal hopes and goals for yourself this festive season?


PS:  A Merry Christmas Message 

~ My silver lining behind being poorly ~

Christmas shared with my nephew of three years is so special. We've gathered toys he no longer plays with and given them to organizations such as The Shoe Box Appeal, and Cash For Kids, so little ones all over may enjoy receiving a gift at this magical time of year. We've played Christmas games, wrapped gifts, sang lots of songs and my family and I had the wonderful chance of seeing his very first Christmas play! Christmas is definitely about making memories. . . 

We keep looking out at the sky each night for Santa - time is hard to grasp when you're three - not long now, and we may just catch a glimpse of a sleigh riding past the moon ??? 


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas weekend and I hope all your wishes come true . . .

With love to all : ) 

' Milly '  Xx


  1. I also want to let go of unhealthy mindsets and be less stressed out. Wish you a wonderful Christmas!


    1. Thank you so much! Yes I quite agree. Merry Christmas to you. Have a very lovely one! Xx


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