Self Care Quotes to love and live by

' Don' feel guilty . . . Feel blessed' 

When we make time for a little rest and recuperation for ourselves, or find we have an unexpected window of free time in our day, I'm sure many would agree that those niggles of guilt at pleasing 'just us' set in . . . Often spoiling the moment! 

Yet what if instead of feeling internally bad about a welcome break, we just felt gratitude. What if we count it as a blessing rather than something we don't feel we deserve . . . 

If something is going to serve us well, it should always be cherished and made a priority. 


' Make peace your highest goal and organise your life around it '

This is a real mind set boost, don't you think? I quietly wonder to myself why people allow their life to build up into one big hectic schedule, which in turn begins to chip away at our inner peace and general enjoyment of life.

 We've all experienced this at some point. Sometimes we feel powerless to stop it. Sadly the results mean people are growing deeply unhappy, because I hand on heart, don't
 believe we'e supposed to live in a constant state of rushing, hurrying and never popping up for air.  I think that's why panic and overwhelm set in . . . Our body is saying 'please, this is too much' . . . 

If you can, make peace a priority. And seek it as much as you need . . . 

' You always have a choice '

Sometimes I truly believe we forget this. I know I did, when I got very trapped into making some elses life easier than my own. 

But, it's so honestly true. We do have a choice. It might take a long time to trust in the choices you need for yourself, instead of others. But just holding onto that little sentence, can keep your wings moving and soar you closer towards a path of your own. 


These quotes were spoken and written by some very wise and caring souls. Yet, I found they appeared or were said just at the right time. As if somehow, they were written just for me at a moment of worry. I'd like to believe there is always a little magic in the air, looking out for each of us. Especially at this wonderful time of the year . . . 


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