Ponies, dreams and treasures

' A pony is a childhood dream - a horse an adult treasure ' 

I am not sure who is the true author of this lovely quote, but when I first read it - it moved me. 

Any horse lovers, pony owners, equine carers out there...will I am sure fully understand with great empathy what this quote means. 

I am very fortunate and most days overwhelmed - that I have three ponies I can call my own. For someone who dreamed of this as a young girl, it is perfectly true that they are indeed adult treasures. 

They are not a hobby, but a life style. They are not just pets. They are family. And they are a constant worry, joy, and wonderful responsibility that I could not imagine my life without. They have been part of my world for over ten years - and I think any horsey enthusiast will agree, that they truly do give you a sense of belonging. 

For someone who struggled to feel confident around her peers growing up, having that connection with animals and horses is a such a life affirming boost. If you watch horses grazing beside each other and take in how they are so quiet amongst themselves - it instantly brings a strong sense of calm. They are generally peaceful beings, whose strength and power will only work against us when under force, or threat or through lack of understanding from what we are asking of them. All most everything responds to kindness - and horses are a positive advocate of this. 

Having three ponies depending on me is a lovely role to have - and I try to give them a life which is happy and free, and well cared for - so that I when do venture out riding it is an outing as friends on the same page. Just as dog walking is a social and positive experience for human and hound - riding should be an equally enjoyable time - for the horse - not just the human. 

It is one of the best things - to have this creature, which is programmed to flee from predators, choose to come to you for affection and care. Decide to listen to your words of encouragement and praise, instead of taking flight when terrified of imposing danger (tractors are scary things you know!)

So, with that I just wanted to take the time to celebrate them - and to celebrate my own three equine treasures. In all weathers, day and night, these three lovely ponies await my arrival for care, feed and protection - and what they offer in return is a partnership that is unlike any other. If you need a boost of confidence, or feel like you need a sense of peace and calm, or you are searching for a somewhere to feel ' at home ' - horses and ponies provide this in abundance. Spending time around them is truly good for the soul! I used to watch from afar, and dream of having my own - and now that dream is a reality. And I feel very blessed indeed. 

With Love & thanks
Amelia x 


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