The first chapter ..

The new year has arrived - and I've decided I must be brave ~ 

' keep calm and start writing' ... so here goes ... My first chapter of a Blog of my very own ... 

I have thought about this for such a long time - but writing things down in your own diaries and journals feels somewhat less daunting than typing away and then clicking publish - however I very much want to give it a try. I do love to write.

Last year I discovered how amazingly popular internet blogging had become - I saw all these brave and wonderful people share their ideas, creations, thoughts and feelings online, and I felt totally inspired and excited that this world of writing existed. It's as though everyone gets to be an author in their own right. I read, and was a spectator for many months, but something has encouraged me to get involved and just simply start writing - I am hoping to give it my best, but most importantly truly enjoy delving into my creative side - and I am going to begin by sharing the first thing that dashes to my mind ... Horses!

If anyone stumbles across my posts, I hope you enjoy reading what I share here ...  
With Love - Amelia X 

~ please do call me Milly, I feel like we could become good Friends? ~



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