~ Bronte charms and awaiting April ~

Cosy writing moments

Inspiration and enchantment
Green leaves and sunlit trees
Bronte charms and country creativity


Ribbons, pastel shades, vintage floral patterns, delicate laced cards, touching quotes ~ what a beautiful collection for creating your own handmade cards this is  (above )  . . . .

It seems I will be writing and creating many little cards this coming April. Special loved ones birthdays, precious wedding anniversaries and then a little something to say I miss you.

Last April brought many joys. But then suddenly in the middle of the loveliness something tragic took place. I recall as if it were yesterday the moment my beautiful old pony fell to the ground. I held her soft head in my arms and within a couple of short hours, I had to say goodbye. 

This April feels the right time -  a year on - to create a little memory garden in our meadow. The flowers have already been lovingly planted by my friend. Now we just must wait and fill each day with the good things, for there are many joys to be felt and to cherish this April. I am certain of it. 

Daffodils have painted the meadow banks with their golden petals. The river side ducks have returned for nesting. The ponies are bright eyed at the taste and sight of spring grass tufts.  The mud is drying up, the nights are clear and open. The charms of country life are steadily returning. This season is all ready full of my favourite things, but as you can see by my photo moments, there are some home comforts bringing me a lot of hope and joy this spring too. 

Lets hope that April brings us all some good old fashioned charm, some Easter magic and a lot of good days through out . . . 


With love 

Viola touches in our meadow pots

7 o clock bright blue skies

See you soon April . . .


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