Taking care of your mind ~

Swans on the pond are a lovely spring sight 

Soft, fluffy, twitching pony ears 

Jam jars with daffodil bunches 

A quiet moment with a few helpful hints on self care 

My favourite things often involve quiet moments. It may be simply watching my horses, sitting down with a collection of lovely inspiring books around me, country side time, family chats - these special things to me all act as a recharge and re set for the anxious mind I carry around.

I feel a little frazzled and fraught when rushed or hurried, but I am learning to play to my strengths which are being methodical and taking care on a task or project. Devoting lengthy thought out time to what I am doing serves me best!

Some people are wonderfully efficient and excellent time managers - me - not so much! I once tried to fit myself in the box of being a multi tasking whizz, getting everything done at breathtaking super girl speed - unfortunately in trying to change how my mind naturally operated,  I ended up working against myself and getting things horribly wrong - this in turn caused a huge rush of mental anxiety - sending my OCD tendencies for checking into a panicked over drive!! Help! This also depletes confidence in oneself! Not good!

What I've noticed is that this anxious state happens regularly now, whenever my energy rises to a more hurried state. The thoughts kick in and any normal functioning is greatly impaired!

I become ruled by my anxious mind set and it takes a long time to settle it all down again . . . But I am getting better at this!

What does help is remembering to save time for those lovely quiet moments mentioned above. A little 'brain rest' as a good friend calls it. A little time put by to take care of your mind - for it to needs TLC!

Giving your tired mind that much needed recharge, will make all those anxious moments feel calmly controlled and more manageable should they pop up at any time 

. . . Take good care of  'you' . . .

With love x

Ps: This post did pop up earlier and then somehow disappeared!! I do apologise. That's what happens when I dart out the door with a saddle in my arms to go riding - frazzled ness! ;  )


  1. A gorgeous post. Its so important to remember to let ourselves breathe and clear our minds. The pictures made me smile too! Monica x


    1. Thank you ever so much Monica. Your kind comment means so much. Thank you for your lovely words. Best wishes. Xx

    2. Thank you ever so much Monica. Your kind comment means so much. Thank you for your lovely words. Best wishes. Xx

  2. I could really relate to this! My anxious mind doesn't always allow me to multi task efficiently, and a lot of the times my thoughts rule my mind. It's nice to take a bit of a break, and just do something you enjoy while being present in the moment. I also use headspace, an app I would recommend for dealing with anxiety. Thanks for the honest and beautifully written post, have a lovely weekend!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you ever so much Diana, your kind words really made my morning! I have heard good things about Head space. It's always lovely to hear from like minded people! Thank you. Very best wishes in everyway. Enjoy your weekend too. XxX

  3. You have horses?! That is so cool! I've only ridden a horse once, but it is so peaceful :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.com

    1. Thank you so much Edye! Very fortunately I do have horses. They're a huge part of my life! I count my blessings everyday that they're indeed mine. Xxx bestet wishes...thank you for kindly stopping by xx


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