A muddle of dreams come true

' I believe that animals listen and speak to us if we only have the ear for it. That's how we learn to look after them. ' 

~ Cinderella ~ 
2015 film 

' We don't whisper things to horses, we just listen to them. ' 

~ Heartland ~ 

' The secret to talking is listening '

~ We bought a zoo ~ 

' Horses can sense your heart beat. It speaks to them and they can read it's rhythm beating back '

~ Author unknown ~ 

My life is closely entwinned with animals. And just recently they have filled up my hands aswell as my heart.

It is in these moments that my little blog here becomes a little quiet. And it is these moments, when reflection sets in . . .yet,

When I doubt myself, I find someone kind has left a lovely comment quite unexpectedly on my blog pages. . .

When I'm unsure of something, I find a blog pop up on my feed that is so reasurring, I know longer feel like I'm quite so different or alone in a small way with a matter.

And, so lovely of all, I'm amongst the good company of inspiring entrepreneurs who write, create, dream big and make their own businesses come to life.

My hands may be full with animals, but they've helped me open the door to my own venture, and my blog has given me the tools to make my vision a reality.

But most importantly, my country life blogs have given me a chance at a dream I've held so tight for so long . . .

I think it's a case of finding what you love and running with it with all your heart!

Pets and ponies will always be entwinned into who I am.

And, now, I can safely call them my work friends too, and my little blog here will slowly but surely continue to tell our story, as we go along. Paw in hand . . .


My dream and venture is just here. . .

Ps: So, in a slightly muddled and clumsy way, I'm just trying to say how grateful I am for my animals and blog. They've given me my wings this year . . .  And taught me how to use them.



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