A special place . . .

Autumn twinkling light

Rainbow skies & golden leaves

There is very little it seems that is not made better by a stroll in nature, a moment's breathing space in the countryside, where time stands still and the hustle and bustle of life fades into the birdsong.  Shimmering falling leaves spin to the ground, and the seasons changing rhythm carefully encourages you to dance along with it. The mornings are crisp. The nights dark and cold. But the sunsets are something special and the sunrises beautifully uplifiting to our tired souls. 

Early morings in the meadow, hot coffee in chilly hands, warm pony snuggles and kitty paws jumping onto my lap . . . To me, this is precious wrapped in a pretty box just for me.

 It seems whatever is going on in my mind or outside of it, coming back to my sanctuary, the little pocket of wildflowers now forlorn, my hazel tree, sheltering field maple and trusty river jetty - these natural beauties in the meadow I call my second home, are the best therapy anyone could hope for. 

Everything is made better here. You leave feeling brighter and the heavy heart that arrived with you is no longer a weight inside. 

Whilst I believe happiness and healing are something we pull out from within ourselves, I do think there are special places that encourage this to happen for us. A starter kit, that shows you what tools you need to dig out, a feeling and a making sense of a worry or trouble, that can only be properly explored when you're in a special place. A place that means something important to you. A place that represents how you want to feel. 

My special place is the Meadow. It is my place of being. My place of caring. My place of independace and simply my 'place' overall. I work there, I rest there, I feel stronger there. And seeing three sets of beautiful, fluffy pony ears alearted to my early morning presence each day, followed by a soft meow of 'welcome' from a far - well, it's wonderful. Feeling grateful is an understatement but I really am, every single day.

Paws for a moment

Pony greetings in the crunchy leaves


Do you have a special place of your own ? . . .



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