Creating your very own country vintage space

If you are a like-minded country lover such as myself, I'm sure you feel most at home when you bring touches of the outdoors...indoors! There is something so peaceful about soft colours and floral patterns and belongings from a time long before our own. 
Here I have collected a few little snap shots of some country vintage creations of my own. It is all about imagination - and does not take all of your carefully saved pennies either! 


Dried flowers ~ Pretty Ribbon ~ Old books ~ 

Boot sales are wonderful places to find rustic and shabby countrified bits and bobs. Olden books are often nestled amongst sweet knickknacks and quirky treasures. A walk in the woods, and you'll find twigs galore. Putting them in a lovely painted vase, or bunching them together to hang on the wall adds a real rural feel to any room - like you have just stepped into a thatched cottage and wandered through a country garden. 

Cow parsley tied together and placed beside a picture frame. Wellington boots used as flower pots! Baskets filled with black and white photographs. Tea cups hung upon shelves. 

These are just a handful of ideas - but I hope it offers a sprinkling of inspiration so you are able to creature your very own Country Vintage space, no matter how big or small it may be. 


With love


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