You, me and us ...

My horses and me ....

My blog has developed so far in a way that has allowed me to show little bits of who I am, I guess in a very odd N ends type fashion!

A little self help ... directed at myself also I might add. Inspirational bits n bobs,  country life and my great love for the horses in my life...of which I thought I haven't properly introduced!

  Please meet Perry - the boy in my life!

fashionable fellow 

   And Blossom - my courage and confidence!

Resting in the pen my little girl

Without my horses I do not think I would feel quite myself. If anyone has popped into my blog recently and scrolled through my chatter and pictures, you may stumble across another pony who happened to be very dear to me. Sadly,  her life came to a close just a short while ago...and my little herd and my heart are still healing from this sudden loss. My dear old girl is worth sharing here.  Part of me knows, she is still around at the Meadow where my ponies reside, I feel her everyday. She's never out of my thoughts.

Please meet Bridie. My dearest friend.

miss you every day my angel 
It's just my lovely two now. But we make a good team and muddle through together.

Having horses is the greatest dream of mine that came true. I cherish every day spend caring for them. I have a place I belong thanks to them.

There's nothing quite like it. Horses really are healers. If you can find a chance to simply be around them. I wholeheartedly recommend that you do.

I share more of my horsy side on

A blog all about Mindfulness and Horses combined. It's my journey really...exploring, healing, learning and own journal of equine discoveries and emotional well being. My thoughts applied to page, in hopes that somehow there may be someone who finds it as healing and helpful as I do.

With love x


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