Grateful ~

Gratitude journals - how wonderful! I thought on this beautiful sunny May day I would write my own. 

I will begin with five things

I am thankful to ...

My Family
for ~ telling me everything will be okay and helping me believe it.

My family - friends
for ~ always being there for me with kindness and accepting me just as I am.

My Horses
for ~ being such a special part of my life and giving me a place to belong

 The Blogging world
for ~ being such an incredible place where I feel like a writer.

My Nephew
for ~ always making me smile 

I have been shown such kindness by so many people in the last few months. It has given me faith in my new chapter ahead and given me a huge amount of hope that everything is coming together just as it should...things will be okay.

I hope May gives you many happy memories and many grateful moments.

With Love 


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