Country girls just wanna have fun ...

My sister with our handsome boy - Mission impossible aka perry 

Blossom and little me...together we're mighty

Having horses is so much more than simply a hobby. It is a lifestyle choice. A way of life. A responsibility. A job. But best of's the chance to know what true freedom and team work feels like. Except your team mate happens to have four legs! Every day spend in their company is so special. They never fail to teach me, and encourage me...but mostly bring me invaluable amounts of happiness. 

Winston Churchill said 
' there is something about the outside of a horse, which is good for the inside of a man '

I couldn't agree more.

My horsy adventures continue here if anyone feels they'd enjoy exploring...


Recording our adventures and lessons learnt, helps me to safely keep the memories we share from ever fading. 

With love 


  1. Great post! I would love to go horseriding too! IVe doen it once many years ago.. :)
    Enjoy your day, Isabella x

  2. Thank you so much Isabella for your lovely message. Horses are such a wonderful passion to have! I hope you get the chance to enjoy riding again soon. Very best wishes to you. Xx


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