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Each day I come down to the meadow, to be with my horses and for those few precious moments as I sit amongst the rustling green trees, and the flowing river beyond the paddock -  all is calm, well and just as it should be ....


This time last year, my life felt very different and that beautiful sense that 'all was well' felt far out of my reach.


 When I think back, I realise that my mind was trying to tell me it was not feeling especially well. I needed to change some things. However, I could never find the bravery to take that step.


Sometimes I think we feel almost pressured or programmed even, to carry on out of fear. Fear of letting people down. Fear of what others will say or think. Fear of being perceived as weak... it becomes so easy to ignore simple messages your body is trying desperately to convey to you, and instead, consider every body else and their feelings as priority over your own. I believe this is what I did. And it made my mind extremely muddled emotionally.


I've come to learn over these last few months, that just sometimes, you have to consider that your place in the world, your feelings, your emotions and your life in general - matter just as much as everyone's..and it can be so hard to change the path your on, but when your mind is using up all it's energy to alert you to it's inner pain...then we must  find the courage within to listen and reach for a helping hand to help us change it. I am so glad I did just that. For the little pieces of the frayed edges of my mind are fusing back together again, and on days at the meadow beside my ponies, I feel the healing more than ever.

With love 



  1. I love posts like this! I like thisb picture! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!!

    1. Thank you so much. I've just followed you and am looking forward to exploring your blog! Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. Best wishes. Xx


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