In an English Country Garden

Stepping into this beautiful walled garden as the morning sunlight warmed my skin, was a lovely reminder of why stately homes are such enchanting places to visit in the summer months.

Time stands still in places such as these and as you take in the magic and history all around, it's as though you have just walked into your very own Jane Austen novel!


Even my darling nephew found excitement in exploring the grounds, as if he could tell children from years before him played happily in the extensive gardens creating all kinds of adventures.

It seems no matter what age you are, the English country side provides a wonderful source of fun and inspiration for all those who have the courage to seek it!


  1. Ahhh it all looks so nice and calm and relaxing!! Love it! :)

    XX SofiaaDot

    1. Thank you ever so much for your lovely message. Bestest wishes to you. I shall go and explore your blog now! Xx


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