Beauty post ~ from a novice make up wearer!

Fairytails photography day ~ A little make over with a little help

' Beauty is feeling good about who you are ' 

If I am perfectly honest, I am not in any shape or form a make up or beauty expert! I can safely say I am no longer a teenager, but even in those years of my life - whilst always admiring it on others, I never felt truly comfortable applying it to myself. Being most at home in the country, I wear very little in terms of make up, and I even found when the time came to wear it - weddings, important social occasions, you know! -  I would struggle to find a look that felt like ' me '. I would go for a very safe staple look, with the reassurance from my mum and sister (both fabulous at different make up looks!) that I had applied everything correctly and my attempts didn't look too horrendous! 

I truly appreciate there is a real art to make up - it is a wonderful skill - from choosing what to apply, to actually then creating a look that compliments your skin, eyes, smile and hair. 

I find even as a grown up my application of make up is still very simple and I feared for some time that it looked too basic. However, with the exciting and talented world of beauty experts, you tubers and other wonderful outlets - knowing how to do good a job with your carefully selected beauty products is now easier than ever. You can watch, learn, take note and then experiment. And as I am learning, the practise, practise practise is especially good fun! 

In the company of family and good friends, having a beauty transformation can feel a mixture of exciting and nerve-racking! You trust them to work their magic and when you take a look in the mirror, you hope to see a version of yourself that you feel proud of.  It's not about being perfect. It's about feeling good. Just for being you. However...feeling good, and looking good are two very different things! And I have discovered, one often compliments the other!

Some people I know apply make up to feel better about themselves - make up has the power to give us confidence ... some make up is worn as armour or a mask - you can become someone who acts confident, even if you don't feel it. Make up can be worn to make a statement. To hide insecurities. Portray a certain look. To face the world with a smile and say 'I can do this today' 
Its' very powerful in so many ways - and in having a little make up help and advice from those we admire and care about, it actually offers a boost that guides us in feeling better from inside out.

I still very rarely wear make up - in the countryside surrounded by horses, there is very little need - natural and comfy is best and horses are especially accommodating no matter what skin or hair type you possess! But it's lovely to know that thanks to this new social world where beauty is so happily discussed and ideas are shared, people such as the likes of me have learnt to feel that it's okay to have days where you want to feel a little bit pretty, and I've finally learnt to feel comfortable with a make up look that works nicely for me..... it all started from trusting that with or without it,  you're good to go just as you are .... thick lash mascara or simply a little dot of lippy! It's what makes you feel good, from the inside out .... 

With Love 



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