Memories of July - Lifes little moments

July was very kind to me this year ~ and to actually have the gift of time to truly enjoy summer, made it even more special. I am hoping this August will be equally enjoyable and offer a lot of chances for new memories to be made. 


My favourite moments from July ...
Riding more - worrying less

My little pony and I have conquered so many exciting things so far this summer.
Last year I nearly lost her to a crippling illness - this year, we are cantering up grass hills, tackling little cross country jumps, and cherishing each moment growing stronger in our ground and ridden partnership. 

Our second little horse too is such a kind soul. He is becoming a brave and fearless boy, taking on new adventures with us. He's nearly been with us for one whole year now. He's ours for life. And we are glad to have him.

Family & Friendship

I am at heart a family girl. This summer so far we have spent so much uninterrupted time together. Just being together, having dinner table chats, outings, and hours at the meadow with the ponies - it's so invaluable to be with those you love as much as possible.  Being an auntie stirs so many happy feelings too. We grow closer everyday, my little nephew and I.

I've also discovered what true friendship feels like this year. People who love and care about you just the way you are is so precious. For someone who finds an overwhelming amount of self doubt imploding after social interaction, having lovely people who 'see you' and 'accept you' is just wonderful.

The Future with rose tinted spectacles

I've always believed it's very healthy to hold on to a little bit of magic when looking ahead at the future. Allow yourself to dream, see the best their could be, and imagine how you'd like things to manifest themselves. This passing July, inspiration has flooded the mind of myself, my family and friends. Clarity and time allows access to a bit of breathing space - and with that space - there is the opportunity to let imaginations run wild, and new possibilities and ventures present themselves. 


I have poured my energy into writing since January, when I first clicked publish on my blog posts. I watched for months other bloggers and writers, and admired them whole heartily from a distance - until I gained the courage to try it myself! I am so glad I did. It's something just for me. And has been such a important part of helping me feel like myself again after a desperate time with my emotional well being and mental health.

So...there are just a few little life moments from July. It's worth celebrating everything good I always think, so you can look back and remember fondly, everything that made up the pages of your journey.

Thank you July...

I hope August is kind to you all. 

With Love


  1. Glad you gathered the courage to start blogging. I'm also a family girl and love spending time with my family. Lovely post dear!


    1. That's so kind of you to say. Thank you for your lovely message. I love your style and always admire the lovely clothes you wear on your blog. Very inspirational! It's nice to hear you are close to your family too. Very best wishes and thanks again. Xx

  2. I am an auntie too. It's the best isn't it? My niece looks at me like I'm 10 foot tall even when inside I'm feeling only 1 foot. :) x

    1. Ah, that's so lovely Isabel. It really is special I agree. I love how you describe in your message how it feels when your niece looks up at you. It's definitely a wonderful role to have - being an auntie. Thank you for your kind comment. Bestest wishes. Xx

  3. I totally agree that it is the most AMAZING feeling being an auntie. I love my niece and nephew so much and I am also very much a 'family girl' such a lovely post!

    Much love, Stacie xoxox

    1. Thank you so much Stacie. It's lovely you know the 'Auntie feeling' too ... Very best to you. Thank you for your kind words. Xx


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