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A vintage picnic meadow in summertime

Life can give us many things to feel anxious about sometimes. It seems there is always something to feel a little uncertain about, whether that's to do with ourselves, or those we care about.
But despite the worries floating around our minds, and the niggling stresses that appear day to day, it's ever so important find the simple, sweet moments and revel in them as long we can, so that we have an internal strength and hopeful energy to get us through.

Fairytails ~ Equine and Country life Photography Location ~  is a chance to find and hold on to those precious simple and sweet moments. To create them, and with those loving and lasting memories, bring them to life in photos to cherish forever.
I have always greatly been in admiration of the healing and comfort animals bring to our lives. I am very thankful each and every day to have my horses, and as it happens, they happen to be the best photograph companions a girl could dream of. As we feel the sun on our skin, and the wildflowers tickling our finger tips, the soft muzzles of our beautiful horses picking at the tufts of shooting grass surrounding us - there is a sense of enchantment and dare I say, magic. As the camera silently snaps and sketches our smiles in place, we know that in the meadow and in these moments, we've found a part in our very own fairytale.

~ Fairytails ~
Based in Hampshire, England  

With Love


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