Chapter 4 ~ April


Soft blossoming trees


I'm not sure if I can truly say I'm able to harness the winds of change at present? I'm not that accomplished yet at sailing my ship . . . But I think I've settled into life after change better than I have before. Which is something good to head into April with. Do you think so . . . ?

As for the exciting new places??? Truthfully, my exciting new places may not be city breaks, beach holidays or exploring new countries - rather my exciting places happen to be on board my beautiful pony in a valley of rolling fields or beside my nephew, seeing the world through a child's eye's. Sipping hot coffee in pretty mugs in new coffee shops. Diving into self care books full off ideas and inspiring heartfelt knowledge! There is just as much adventure to be found here, in the smallest of places.


The month of sunlit evenings, blossom trees, warmer breezes and golden fields transforming the bare horizon is here at last. We're sailing into April . . . and best of all, Spring!

Sunlit ponies in the meadow

I hope April brings you lots of exciting and positive days. 



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